Anna Keeble puts me through the paces at session one of term two …

Oh yes, today I knew it was term two of ‘Boot Camp’ training with Anna of Get Fit for Purpose but after last week’s session what did I expect!

But, today was a great session because afterwards I received an email from Anna saying ‘Well done this morning. Keep stretching’ so, that made me feel good.   And, then when I visited Dr Luther Moss afterwards he said that the improvement in my posture was now evident and that my appointments could go to ever second week.  So, I have been floating on a cloud since my sessions and holding my head up high as my goal for term one was all about my posture.

For term two we continue with posture but now it is about toning the overall body and getting my core strong.

So, today we started with the warm up which has also been stepped up a notch and after a few minutes I fell silent as no talking means I am suffering but I seem to forget that!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to Anna that while staying with my sister, my niece had just returned from school and wanted me to play and do forward rolls and star jumps on a bed, well she is six but both are not favorites of mine but I tried nevertheless.  

So, guess what today started with star jumps!    So, there was two sets of 40 seconds each of star jumps, followed by 40 seconds of knees up and then when I started to flake, Anna was shouting higher, higher, faster, faster.  This set finished off with two lots of 20 knee rises against the wall, yes it was the ‘angel’ exercise back again.  When you lie up against the wall with your whole body against the wall, the bottom leg bent, foot flat against the wall and then with the other leg bent and you raise the top knee trying to push it against the wall.   It is easier than it sounds in this description, but boy it is good for the bum which all these exercises were concentrating on and of course the legs.

Then, I had a minute walk out on the tread mill to monitor my heart rate and then it was into the next set of two.

Then it was into two sets of 30 seconds of the following exercises with only a 10 second break in between: general squats, general squats and leg out to the side, followed by squats and jump up straight, to a type of push up using the Bosu and then jumping up, followed by general lunges alternating legs, to backward lunges with a kick and to finish off the killer of all killers when by now my legs were like complete jelly it was the lunge – jump up change leg – lunge.  The last one kills but I managed 6 in the second set.

Then, again it was a walk out on the tread mill where I held onto the handles as boy was my bum and legs feeling this workout.

Then, straight into boxing which was sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 on each leg with straight punches, followed by knees up and finishing off with the full kicks.   As I started to flake on the left leg at 8, I was told if I failed it would be increase to 14 sessions so my last energy boost kicked in and all the anger of the week was punched and kicked out.

That, wasn’t the end of the day ooh no, so lying on my back I did sit ups with my boxing gloves on.  So as I came up I punched in repetitions of 2/4/6/8/10 and 12.

Then it was cool down time and stretches my favourite part however I fear tomorrow or more likely Saturday I will be feeling some pain, but as my motto is ‘No Pain No Gain’ if I didn’t I’d worry.

This week on top of my homework of exercises it is the ‘food diary’ so that will be starting tomorrow as tonight I am having a few glasses of wine.

Thanks again to Anna of Get Fit for Purpose my energy levels are up and I am feeling good and more importantly I am standing tall thanks to the combined effort of Anna and Dr Luther.

So, if you need a helping hand look no further.

Anna has a great newsletter as does ML Chiropractic so visit their websites and sign up. and  

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