Life does change during the pandemic

I heard someone say that during the first lockdown it was a novelty but this one its harder and this is so true.  

I take my hat off to all my friends who have turned their hand to home schooling as its not easy to be a Mum or Dad and a teacher and stay friends with the child.  

I salute all my friends who are teachers who not only have to be in school teaching, they have to pre-record or do live streaming lessons, as well as keeping an eye on each child.

It is such an unknown territory for so many and there is no text book for how it pans out and, for when we will come out the other side.


But we do now have HOPE, in the form of the vaccine and whereas it will not mean any time soon that we can throw a party, go on an overseas holiday, discard our masks, forget the ‘Hands, Face and Space’ strapline, it does give hope for some normality again in the not too distant future. However in the meantime we need to remain vigilant and do our bit.

During lockdown we have all learnt about ourselves and in some ways slowed down and learnt to love our surroundings, resulting in many people doing some serious soul searching of which I am in that category.

We, as in Hubert and I, have been lucky enough to be in countryside with woods in our back garden to explore.    We have enjoyed watching the seasons, from the rhododendrons to bluebells, the leaves changing colours to falling off the trees, the sign of spring with the snow drops and the first fall of snow.   Then there is all the nature from the owls hooting, to the woodpeckers, to the bats using the garden as a nursery, to the piglets at the farm shop, to our larger friends in the form or Roedeer and Monk jacks who often visiting the garden or keep you awake at night rucking.

Nature around us and interaction with animals has been my savoury and for all you with a dog, you will know that they are certainly a man’s best friend.   We have been extremely lucky that we get to walk our neighbours dog Monday to Friday, the only issue is she is white when we set off and black when we return.

Winnie the Pooh quote on ‘Life’

Last year, should have been the happiest and biggest day of my life, I was getting married finally, at 50 years old to my best friend, my rock, my soulmate Hubert and all that was shattered but it wasn’t cancelled, it was merely postponed.   So, all we can now do is HOPE that we will be able to tie the knot with a small audience in the forthcoming months and then when we can, we will celebrate not only our marriage but LIFE and FRIENDSHIPS.

Winnie the Pooh quote on ‘Friendship’

During lockdown, I think we can all agree that some friendships will have flourished and some maybe gone to sleep.  By that, I can definitely say that you realise friendships are a two-way street and as you have time to reflect, you learn to step away from drama and ensure you only surround yourself with people that do something that sparks joy.   This statement about ensuring you only do something that ‘sparks joy’ is such a powerful statement, which I only started to reflect upon recently, having heard it from a friend of friend, who is a Senior Paediatric Radiographer in London.  Someone who during this pandemic will has been tested and needs more than anyone to surround herself with love and positivity.

We have all had to adjust, whether it has been living in the same four walls as a loved one 24/7 or, working from home with limited space and technology, but the biggest think for so many is the missing of social interaction.    With no pubs, restaurants and parks it has been hard.  If like me you will talk to anyone, I miss just that and then get highly excited when a delivery chap comes to the door rings the bell and I rush to the door to find he has legged it.    But one thing I do know, is that I make sure I say ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ to everyone I see when I am out and when I do, that I smile.

A Smile

I have been very fortunate as I had a life changing experience five years ago when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer and I survived it but it changed me.  Also, just over six years ago I lost my best friend, my mother to the Big C.   

I believe that things happen in your life for a reason and now I realise that you need to live in the moment, don’t procrastinate and embrace life and walk away from drama that saps your energy.

I like to set myself a challenge each year or learn something different and during lockdown in our lovely little village, I realised we were blessed. We have two pubs – The Cherry Tree and The Crooked Billet, both of which have been offering take away and The Cherry Tree did free school meals. Then we have the great family run café/village shop, The Stoke Row Store which excelled during lockdown and we visit almost every day. We are blessed with an amazing garage, who saved my bacon when I hit a pot hole. And, then we have the village primary school and two churches.   Having been a teacher (Montessori) in a former life, I decided to reply to an advert in our local village magazine to become a school governor and was accepted.    It’s a small village but we are a community and that showed during the lockdown, people look out for each other and whether it’s been buying shopping for a couple of people who can’t get out or, just smiling on a walk it all helps.

Smiling, is something you can do whether behind a mask or, just out walking because you can see it behind a mask, believe me. As, when I am in the hospital the patients and staff always say ‘oh its lovely to see your smile’, as I ensure that they can feel my empathy and the warmth of a smile when you can’t give them a hug which gives them HOPE on their journey.

Why did I write this blog, because I like to write even if nobody reads it and I have been inspired by so many people namely Deborah aka @Bowelbabe, Emma aka @limitless_em and someone who touched the nation, Captain Tom who has sadly died earlier today, a legend.

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