A Stroke, can change a life in a split second

I wrote this at the back end of 2022, a few weeks after my life or, at least my husband’s life changed in a split second, on Friday 30th September 2022.  

So, do you know the signs of a STROKE, do you pay attention to the adverts on TV?

STROKE = FAST – Face, Arms, Speech and Time.

So, I rewind to the night of Thursday 29th September, when we went to bed, said good night to my husband and went into deep slumber and then, awoken to observe my husband having a stroke.  Frightening, but those who know me, I am not a flapper in a situation like this or, at least on the outside not but, I may be paddling like hell under water.   Fortunately for both of us we knew what was happening and I called 999.

The 999 team were amazing, speak calmly and within 15 mins got to the house, and within a further 10 mins we were in the ambulance and on route to the hospital.  A very scary couple of hours when it’s happening as obviously you don’t know whether he will recovery and if it is a full-blown Stroke.

I knew the 11-hour rule or, had a I imagined this fact, but in my head, I was thinking he will be fine as he went to bed at 11pm and it was 0455, when he was having the stroke.   

The A&E team alongside the ambulance team were amazing and within minutes of arrival, the canula was in and he was having a CT scan and starting to improve so, when I was allowed in to see him in recovery at 0740 – a very long hour alone in a relative’s room I hasten to add, he just had a slight tingle in his left hand.

We only get one chance with our health and, scares like this make you re-evaluate what is important to you.  Easy to say, but stress is a silent killer and something we should look to ditch and more importantly it’s our body saying – stop and listen.  I preach it but don’t always live by it and, when they asked my husband about his stress levels, he was only concerned about the issues of the world, if only I could say the same.   But then again, I am a magnet for not only my own stress but everyone else’s too, but this year I am going to be more selfish, and protect myself.

We were not out of the woods immediately and like everything, these things happen for a reason but now three plus months later, we have had no more issues.  It turned out to be a TIA, (aka mini stroke) and he has made a full recovery and back to selective hearing but the concerning element was it wasn’t the first, which showed up on the MRI.

I am SO proud of him though, as he has managed to kick the cigarettes into touch.  As someone who smoked at least twenty a day for over 45 years it was something that he had to do, and within two days no more fags, so proud.

We have been back to the specialists and they were impressed by his stopping smoking and also lifestyle change.   He had to wear a heart monitor for a week and it coincided with his 60th birthday celebrations so that was removed and just stayed at home.

Those who know my husband, he claims that I clipped his wings seven years ago and that all this fuss is old age.   In June last year, after a routine MOT I suggested he had, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.     And, within 24 hours of that diagnosis, he cut out the sugar i.e., the bowl of sweets every evening and cut our salt which again, I was so proud of him.  He changed his diet, lost weight and now back to that weight he was in his 30’s.  If only I could do the same but my weight change is due to the joys of menopause, or at least that’s my line.  

Something Hubert’s sister said to me after the TIA was, that we really must not forget to say ‘I love you’ to those close and, don’t put off the phone call to a friend to check in on them either.

Nobody knows what is around the corner, but I sure as hell do know, that in my wedding vows which I only made in May 2021, is that I am here for sickness and in health.   And I beat stage 4 breast cancer so, we have got this.

So, please this is a call out to everyone.  If you have a niggle or, anything in your daily routine changes with your body, please do not ignore it, pick up the phone, go to the doctor and DO NOT become the self-diagnostic Google expert.   Let me tell you Google is not your best friend when you are unwell, a professional is the only person who can diagnose.

We all have our lives ahead of us and life is for living, for fun and laughter and a wise women told me and continues to tell me, “Only do things that spark joy”.


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