Editorial Intelligence and Rt Hon Jack Straw MP and ‘What is Effective Government?’

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This morning I attended a fascinating debate hosted by Editorial Intelligence in association with the Institute of Government.


The panel was the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP with Rt Hon Peter Riddell and it was really fascinating.   I do get asked on numerous occasions what my interest is with attending such an event, and this morning Jack Straw asked me just that question too.  My response, being that, it is for ‘personal development’ and that I believe in Editorial Intelligence and what it offers individuals as an amazing networking forum.

What I really enjoyed about this morning was Jack Straw’s honesty and, openness of what worked and did not, obviously something that he could only share when not in direct government but, so much of what he said was TRUE.

He spoke about the importance of not only being in government but also using the time in opposition to research and understand the powers you have as a minister.

He spoke about the power of leadership and being innovative, something that was covered at another Editorial Intelligence breakfast recently at Cass Business School that i attended.

He spoke about what made a good minister and, this is the same for anyone in a role of authority, that they need to be a good decision maker and be able to ‘change’ their way of thinking.   This goes hand in hand in with, needing a good support system and having competent advisors which can mean additional training, but again something we can all learn from.

He spoke about relationships and in his case with the civil servants and, understanding them.   This i believe to be common sense, as you need to understand all the elements of what makes you successful whether as an MP or an individual.

What I did find interesting was the point he made on, how long any one party should be in power and the importance of strengthening the back benchers.

A really great event and so, if you don’t know what Editorial Intelligence is about please check out the website at www.editorialintelligence.co.uk.

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