Sarah Ducker, Wedding Planner and Phil Kennedy on BBC Radio Berkshire

Sarah Ducker of SJD Events was interviewed on Friday 19th July by Phil Kennedy of BBC Radio Berkshire on Drive Time, on ‘how to help a bride from melt down in this heat’.


Firstly, we wouldn’t be English if we didn’t complain about the weather but this heat wave is certainly playing havoc with events and for today, it was weddings.

Usually, we as a Wedding Planner will work with the couple for a plan for a ‘wet’ weather option, however for the past few weeks it is the opposite, we need to have a plan for the ‘hot’ weather.

For the bride herself, obviously she wants to look her best so, I would highly recommend that she speaks to her make-up artist and look to use a matt finish make up and then have wipes on hand so, you avoid the shiny look.   The trends this year are for a ‘natural’ look so, having had a few weeks of sunshine we do have some brides with a tan.  However, red is not a good look so, if you are fair put on cream.   Also, if you can leave getting dressed right to the last minute so you can stay cool.

Also, be savvy with the underwear under the dress so maybe have a chat with the designer or shop where you purchased it and also consider whether you really need tights.    I know many people like to wear spanks, but in this heat you may want to think twice.

The most important thing for the bride in this heat as she will also have the added nerves is to keep hydrated.  And, another tip is eating a banana as it’s a slow release of energy and a diet coke is a good one if you need to pick me up on the sugar.

However, I do believe we should also spare a thought for all the grooms out there in the heat and for him, its key that he doesn’t have a few pints prior to calm the nerves, as that will be a tell tell in the pictures – sorry if that seems like I am a party pooper!

As a Wedding Planner, I always say to my client’s don’t worry it will be nice weather, and over the past two weeks, I have had to say we need a plan ‘b’ for the heat.   It’s great to see the sunshine and it’s a brides dream and of course blue skies for the photographer are good, but my tips to consider for a stress free wedding in the heat would be:

Look for shade ~ umbrellas or consider gazebos as not everyone likes to bake.  So, for all of you who brought umbrellas for ‘wet’ weather give them out to provide shade.

parasol_signWater ~ you need to have plenty of it and you need to have ice to keep the drinks cold.

waterSeating ~ you need to allow for extra seating especially when having an outside ceremony or drinks reception.   Need to consider older people, pregnant ladies and children.  People can over heat especially if they haven’t eaten.

Footwear ~ I know high heels are the norm but in the heat opt for comfort and remember feet swell so, drink liquids and have foot sprays in the toilets.

Clothing ~ have a policy where the men can take off the jackets after the formalities, and this tends to be led by the bridal party.

Remember also with the sunshine comes people burning so, I always provide a selection of sun creams or, you can consider Panama hats or fans which double up as a favour.

As a country we keep hearing on the news that we are on a level three alert with the weather warnings so, please just remember be sensible, look after yourselves and drink plenty to stay hydrated and ensure your guests are catered for too.

Have an amazing day and keep cool.

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