Get Fit for Purpose … is no longer no pain no gain but pain = gain

Today, was my third session with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose and today it was pain = gain.

After my last session, I was pleased not to be in pain as it would seem the muscles which were awakened the week before were not to be suffering.  I pray that is a good sign.

The food diary was no longer so, it was just reporting on my breakfast daily which ideally needed to be half an hour after I got up.   Sadly, I missed a couple of breakfasts and got my wrists slapped as this is not the meal to skip.   Breakfast is what sets the body up for the day so, onwards and upwards to being good.

Anyway, today’s session was tough and Anna did warn me she was stepping up the ante and that the honeymoon period was over.   And, trust me the ante was stepped up.  However, I may need to have some acting lessons as unless I am sick, cry or pass out Anna will continue to push me.  Sadly, today I could still speak so I got pushed.

Today, we started boxing which was great fun as I didn’t realise that there is such a technique and it is not just a question of throwing random punches.  So, from straight forward punches to upper cuts that was ok, then came five seconds and change to star jumps.   But, then came a style of kick boxing and this is where my coordination which is not great had to kick in.   The kick boxing was interesting from a straight punch to a knee up punch, to a knee up and kick with the toe,  that was trying.   The core muscles had to work overtime but boy did it feel good.

I really enjoyed the session today and my new motto is ”pain = gain”.

Thanks Anna, for pushing and driving me to strive to get fit and I look forward to next weeks session and doing my homework. 

However, I must confess that after my session today, I did have a treat, a visit to The Gherkin and a three course decadent lunch but I did deserve it … didn’t I.

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