London’s Networking Queen – Julia Hobsbawm and Editorial Intelligence by Rosamund Urwin

I missed the article in the Evening Standard on Monday 9th January, as I was out-of-town but fortunately a dear friend sent me the link and what an amazing read it was.


Julia Hobsbawn 'London's Networking Queen'

Julia Hobsbawm who is the founder of Editorial Intelligence a networking forum for journalists, media, communication specialists and politicians is great and offers the perfect environment to network and build relationships as it also offers amazing support with a great variety of events.

SJD Events Limited is a member of Editorial Intelligence as I have a personal interest in politics and over the past two years of being a member and have blogged numerous times on the events that I have attended where I have been inspired by a speaker or subject.    Though I must confess that attending the Christmas Quiz may have been rather a mistake as I was out of my depth and managed to answer maybe 2 out of 40 questions!

The article written by Rosamund Urwin really captures Julia’s personality and shows you the real person that she is, it shows her human side,  and as a mother how she juggles everything.  I love her policy of the phone being turned off for 24 hours on a Friday sounds like a plan.     Unfortunately, as business women working alone, sometimes it can be easy to neglect the family and even ourselves and, as Julia said so rightly said ‘we are not invincible’.

If you didn’t see the article ‘London’s Networking Queen, Julia Hobsbawm in the Evening Standard by Rosamund Urwin here is the link

But the element that I wanted to share with you and highlight was the ‘Lessons in Networking’ by Julia Hobsbawm which are so true.


1. Choose face-to-face over Facebook. The best connections are made in person.

2. Eye contact matters. It is the easiest way to find out if you trust and like someone. Never look over their shoulder at someone else.

3. Ask “How are you?” not “Who are you?” We put far too much store on job titles and far too little on whether people like the same things as you do.

4. Be curious. The faster you can connect with someone, the sooner you will exchange valuable information with each other.

5. Network for the long term. You don’t have to “succeed” at networking, you just have to see where it leads.

6. De-clutter your contacts book. Forget being competitive with how many “friends” or “followers” you have. Only connect with people who interest, amuse, or inspire you.

7. Most networking should never take place in a party or conference environment. Rethink your definition of networking to include much smaller, curated gatherings where the exchange of ideas is paramount.

8. And for the shy … Shyness in networking is actually the norm. The antidote is to make eye contact and wait for someone to break the cycle and begin a conversation.

So, I hope that you will be able to learn from these and all that leaves me to say is ‘here’s to successful networking’.

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