FT columnist Mrs Moneypenny shares ten secrets to success for women

In the You Magazine on Sunday 8th January, you may have seen the amazing article by Mrs Moneypenny a high-flying businesswoman and if not here you are.

The heading of the article was ‘It’s time to steer your careers, girls!’ and so fitting for the beginning of the year as we all set ourselves goals to achieve for the year ahead.

There are ten top secrets which I am sure you will all be able to resonate with: 

  1. Get some qualifications.


2.    Build a network ~ you need to be both good at what you do and good at building relationships with people who matter.   Read my article about Julia Hobsbawm the ‘Queen of London Networking’ for tips on networking https://sjdeventsltd.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/londons-networking-queen-julia-hobsbawm-and-editorial-intelligence-by-rosamund-urwin/.   And, if you are looking for a free networking forum consider Business Biscotti www.businessbiscotti.co.uk where there are two Central London groups, Mayfair and St Paul’s.


  1. Never think it is too late for anything.


  1. Learn to say NO ~ Saying NO is a life skill that is very important to master if you want to be successful and something that I personally find extremely hard to follow.  As women we have difficulty in saying NO as we are less concerned with our own needs and more concerned about the welfare of others, but I am told that being able to say ‘no’ effectively with help you to achieve success.    A tip I was given by a coach is to look into the mirror and practice saying ‘no’ but adding ‘I can say no because I know I am worth it’ – try it.


  1. You Can’t have it All ~ As women we want the career, the nice husband, the house and the 2.5 kids, holidays, a nice car, time out with the girls but let’s face it this isn’t always the reality and we can deluded.   Remember that ‘time’ is a scarce resource and how you balance/allocate it is central to the success of your career.   Don’t look for a ‘work’ balance look for a ‘life’ balance again something that I battle to achieve but if women know their priorities and spend time concentrating on them then our goals are achieved easily.     ‘Know what you want, and why and then make your choices accordingly’


  1. Be prepared to do more than a man ~ well ladies I am not going to highlight this point as the heading says it all!


  1. Control your own finances ~ There are three fundamental reasons that Mrs Moneypenny shares being i) being on top of your personal finances frees you up to focus on your career, ii) so you understand the language and iii) because more women at the top have been in charge of money at some point.   Mastering your own finances will set you free and if you can’t do it yourself outsource.


  1. Do something outside work and family ~ Remember that you need a third dimension to your life of work and family and this can help you develop personally or build your network or just make you feel good.    So, look at sport and I can highly recommend Anna Keeble of ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ to keep you in shape.  Or consider volunteering with a charity which is something close to my heart and charities are always looking for people.  Check out Flannels4Heroes which helps Walking Wounded and Help the Heroes.


  1. Promote yourself ~ Mrs Moneypenny states that we should spend 5% of our time doing our own PR.  You might be great at your job but does everyone know who you are?    As a women we are not believers in self-promotion as feel inappropriate but you can always be subtle.  I certainly believe you don’t have to shout about it from the roof tops but slip in a success story once in a while to a conversation just never try to be that person who is one up on another.  Mrs Moneypenny states that a woman who communicates in a competent but warm manner quells doubts about her ability and likeableness, and this can increase her influence.      Make sure the internet works for you and that all your profiles are kept up to date.  Remember that how you look, speak and engage is critical to getting ahead so, check out the Business Biscotti ‘taster workshops’.  In February, Lara Brotherton will be doing a taster on ‘how to dress for successes at Mayfair.


  1. You can’t do it alone ~ To be a successful women you need to recognize that you need to have a ‘trusted team’ at your side and this can only be achieved by networking and building relationships.  When you work alongside a team it is imperative that you acknowledge / listen to the contribution of others.  Always be approachable, encouraging and accept you can’t be good at everything (it isn’t a sign of a weakness to ask for support and help to compliment your offering). 


If you would like to read more about Mrs Moneypenny’s article then check out her book, “Mrs Moneypenny’s Careers Advice for Ambitious Women’ available from Penguin at £16.99.

Ladies, make 2012 the year to be successful but remember you can’t do it alone and that the way to succeed is to network and have other’s acting as ambassadors for you.


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