Sir Clive Woodward and ‘DNA of a Champion’

Wow, is all I can say about the event I attended yesterday hosted by Chartwell Partners at the RAC Club, so thank you Leo for the invitation.

Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward’s talk on the ‘DNA of a Champion’ was mind-blowing and really inspirational.

I appreciate that the majority of examples of his coaching were reflected the success of the England rugby team and then the Olympics but, I could really resonate to his approach for my business.

It was an early start and over a strong coffee, Sir Clive Woodward spoke to a packed room of over 80 attendees and, I have to say I only saw about five other women.

The stories he shared from introducing the rugby squad to computers, to training with the Royal Marines, to Prozone a programme at Twickenham that tracks the movement of each player and how Will Greenwood ensured he looked good on the stats, to ‘mind set’ at the Athens Olympics with the final dive.  All stories which gave you pointers to succeed.

His ‘passion’ for what he does, makes him who he is and I believe that ‘passion’ is what drives anyone to be a champion.   And, if you a ‘sponge’ for new knowledge and self-development then you can change a mind-set and become a great individual and in turn be part of a great team.

Using a pyramid with four levels he shared how it can be achieved and this is just an overview of what I took away.

  • Talent ~ you need to have the skills and ability to want to strive for your goal.
  • Learning ~ you need to be teachable, want to be a student and more importantly be a ‘sponge’ rather than a rock.
  • Thinking ~ you need to be able to cope under pressure and be a warrior (scared of nothing) and he used a saying ‘T Cup’.
  • Hard work ~ to achieve the best, you need to believe you are a champion, have the will and the right attitude so ‘passion’.

You can find a lot of snippets from presentations on this subject ‘DNA of a Champion’ and newspaper articles on various sportsman he has worked with online so check it out.

And, one think I am going to take away is that we all should think about is:

T              Thinking

C             Correctly

U             Under

P             Pressure

For more details on how you can book Sir Clive Woodward as a motivational speaker visit

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