Loosing your ‘Mojo’ and then getting it back

This may be something that you can resonate with or maybe not, but it happened to me last year and I am pleased to say that I have now come out the other side.

Asking for help is not something that comes naturally, especially when as a party planner, I am there to help people but it is liberating when you do.    We all need a helping hand or a hug sometimes.

What is ‘mojo’?   Well it is ‘that magic spell’, ‘talent’ and ‘sex appeal’.

So, why do people loose their ‘mojo’?  Something, which I kept asking myself and personally for me it was because I had come to a crossroads Cross roads of mojoand instead of stopping and considering options to change the way I felt, I hit the wall running and had to have a crash to give me that wake up call.    I just want to say I did not physically have a crash, this is my way of describing the experience.

When, I look at why I had lost my mojo, it was simple, I had over committed, not realising the power of the word ‘no’.   I was not thinking logically or maybe it was because I was looking in the wrong places so, constantly on a wheel to nowhere.mouse on a wheelThen, their were the pointless arguments or confrontations and for people who really know me something I dislike immensely.  But, the biggest think was ‘I was just not in love with my job any more’ which was scary.

So, I took myself off and got help and started to communicate, be open and suddenly I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.    I realised the three incidents that had caused the loss of my mojo, where mere blips and nobody had died and I had to move on.    But, in business you don’t like your apple cart being turned upside down image of upturned apple cartand it had been and I took it personally.

How I came out the other side was to join a mentoring group and I would highly recommend it.   Instantly the issues I was carrying on my shoulders were offloaded and shared and I realised I was not alone – amazing.  I had to get a ‘balance’ in life for work and social, something that I had neglected for a number of years.  So, it was my best friends baby which helped me which many people may find strange but it gave me, ‘me time’ and ‘time out’ and put my life into perspective and gave me boundaries to work within and my mojo a kick-start.

Then, starting to believe in myself again, made me strong and gave me a healthy dose of meaning.

And, the five tips I would like to share to getting back on track when you loose your ‘mojo’ are:

  1. Have FUN – ensure you laugh at least once a day.
  2. EXERCISE – your never to old or busy for that matter.
  3. DE CLUTTER – whether the mind, the cupboard, the filing and even clients and suppliers.
  4. Surround yourself with POSITIVE people not vacuums and brain drainers
  5. BE FABULOUS – love yourself

And, lastly to finish I wanted to share with you the image on my fridge that keeps me going which may help you too.


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