Harry’s Arctic Heroes part two is tonight on BBC 1 at 9pm, don’t miss it.

The Walking with the Wounded programme ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’ second part is this evening (Tuesday 30th August) and not to be missed.

Walking with the Wounded Arctic Heroes

Last week, saw the team go through their rigorous training and acclimatizing exercises and I took my hat off to them all, as it looked really hard and you wouldn’t get me out in minus 40.

When, you watch a programme like this, having met one of the wounded soldiers first hand, it really put a different angle on the documentary and so when I listened to Pte Jaco Van Gass talking about his personal development since the accident it did bring a tear to my eye as did all their stories.

In the final episode this evening, we see the expedition team dropped onto the polar ice-cap and begin the gruelling trek to the geographic North Pole.   Temperatures will drop below 50,  not a temperature we in the UK have ever endured.    The team have to get to grips with their new surroundings and must navigate through massive pressure ridges, boulder fields and stretches of open water.

This programme over the two episodes has shown the team’s extraordinary journey as they storm into the record books and become the first group of wounded servicemen to reach the North Pole unsupported. 

Prince Harry, I think came over really well in the first part and whereas the media had mixed reports on that.   I take my hat off to him as the army is his real passion and that was so evident, as said, he is just one of the lads thought he can’t sew!

So, don’t forget BBC1 at 9pm don’t miss it.

For more details on Walking With The Wounded you can visit www.walkingwiththewounded.co.uk.



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