Rob Hedderwicks, founder of Hedderwicks of London the creator of stunning Top Hats with a twist

I recently met Rob Hedderwicks at Flannels 4 Heroes where two friends were showcasing his straw Top Hats and, instantly I saw the benefit of working together and introducing him to colleagues within the wedding industry as the hats were truly stunning.

The Straw Top Hat by Hedderwicks of London

Did you know that the ‘Top Hat’ first hit the streets of London on the 15th January 1797 and a sensational fashion scandal was unraveled and caused a near riot.   As a hat maker called Hetherington was walking down the fashionable streets of London wearing a new innovation of a stove pipe style Top Hat.

So, just over three years ago Hedderwicks of London was launched.   Every hat is hand crafted using traditional techniques and made to order, therefore giving you the chance to put your individual stamp on your own unique hat.

So, whether you are looking for a Regency, a Fair Lady, a Mayfair, a Boosey, a Hale or a Cloete Top Hat, Rob Hedderwicks of Hedderwicks of London can create them all.

A Lady’s Top Hat by Hedderwicks of London

Top Hat with Butterflies by Hedderwicks of London


For full details on all of Hedderwicks of London designs please visit the official website     

Or, you can come along to the VOWS (Visualize Our Wedding Secrets) event on Tuesday 11th October and meet him in person, as he is one of the VOWS Team.

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