And the bride wore… nine dresses! Choosing one can be a headache alone.

I was shocked to read this article in the Daily Mail today, as this bride (Helene Manca) over a period of nine months purchased eighteen wedding dresses.   

Obviously, the wedding dress was the most important part of her ‘dream’ day and I therefore just hope that she was not disappointed.  At the end of the article I notice she is looking to renew her vows next summer and top nine dresses!

As a wedding planner, I would say most of my brides would say choosing one dress was stressful enough.    Over the years, I have had a couple of brides who have changed dresses from a traditional white dress to a traditional Asian dress for instance where it is common to change outfits and then I have also had brides who may have a change of outfit for the evening, but the thought of factoring in nine changes into the itinerary could prove interesting.

So, if you didn’t see the article yourself in the Daily Mail written by Vanessa Allen and Tiffany Wright check out the link and tell me what your thoughts are:

So, my tip for a bride having a dress dilemma would be to check out Lynn Crean.  I recently met her and would describe her as an ‘angel’ for all those brides who are unsure where to start with choosing the perfect dress.

The service she offers is second to none and from the comments of past clients she really is an angel, so check out Lynn Crean known as the ‘London Wedding Dress Finder’. At

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