What would you do with out friends and their honesty?

For those of you who know me, I don’t do photographs and certainly not posing, as I am possibly the most un-photogenic person going unless, you catch me off guard and that is why in my job as a Wedding and Party Planner, I am behind the scenes.

Anyway, 20 years ago I attended St Godrics Secretarial College in Hampstead which was a fun year living in London however I must have a jinx on places as a couple of years later I learnt it closed down.    But, while I was their I met Leonie and we were great friends, the naughty two at the back of the class room continuously chatting so thank goodness you didn’t get school reports, but when we left college our paths drifted away.

However, at Christmas I attended a Vintage Dress Sale in Ascot and who should be their but Leonie and it was great as we have managed to rekindle the friendship in the space of 6 or 7 months as if it was only a few months since we’d seen each other.   We recognized each other almost immediately which is scary as neither of us had really changed apart for a few grey hairs on my side.

Well, we chatted and I learnt that Leonie was a photographer and hence why she was at the Vintage Dress Sale for Twin Cheeks as their photographer.    So, we got chatting and she kindly offered to come along and do a shoot while I was setting up for an event and at the same time take some shots of me for my website which I am presently updating.

We had great fun and even though I say it myself I think I look pretty good, so thank you mate I am extremely grateful for producing such a great shot.    My Mother is also now off my back as she is forever requesting an up to date photograph of me as the space around the house is  filling up with the grandchildren.

You will start to see some of the images from this shoot when I update my website over the forthcoming month however, if you want to get a taster you can click on this link to her blog and see what she wrote about our day.


And, then to see her stunning images in general you need to click on www.leonieschwarz.com however you can get a real taste from her blog.

My heading to this was ‘What would you do with out friends and their honesty?’ and why did I use this, well we had been friends for years so she could be frank with me and we had a laugh as she could comment without offending me on, the fact I couldn’t smile naturally and what was with the cheesy grin, so I wanted to thank her publicly and if you want to feel at ease and have some fun with photos, call Leonie

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