Where does a year go after loosing your best friend and mother?

mum at her 70th

Today, marks a year exactly since I lost my mother and best friend to pancreatic and liver cancer following a short battle.  Sometimes it feels like only yesterday but other days it feels like a lifetime since I had my Sunday night phone call, about our weeks had gone and heard her gossip and I really miss that.

I never thought I would be someone who would talk out loud and have conversations with her but I do and I know she is out their watching over me and in the last twelve months I have certainly gained strength.

Strength to believe in myself and not need constant reassurance from a authorative figure and I have also learned how to toughen up and build boundaries.  However, not all my friends will agree but how to you change your ways after 45 years!

On a lighter side, I have overcome my fear of spiders and bloody large ones at that and thank goodness for the hoover, sorry for those of you who can catch them with a cup and paper but no way not that brave.

So, what have I done in the year since my mother passed that I know she would have been proud of me for?

Well I have jumped out of an aeroplane to do my skydive for Combat Stress and won’t be doing that again.   I have stopped a thief on the Kings Road and hailed a heroine in the Evening Standard by tripping him up and a quick right hook while holding a baby!   I have had my face on the exterior of the Tower of London, which was a first and was merely a test before the launch of the For Queen & Country campaign for Coming Home.   And, I have done a 15 mile walk for a cancer charity, Maggie’s in her memory.

But, most importantly I have realised that my sister and I are the only two left and we have built a strong bond over the year and I really hope that this will remain as I look to move on from the family home and start a new life in 2016 with my new cottage in the country.

We needed to think of ways to mark our mother and her memory for her friends too and so we have a plaque in the church on a pew next to Dad.    But today, Monday 21st September 2015 we have unveiled a Community Notice Board in Goring at Jack’s (aka Westholme Stores) which will become a central point and I know she would have been pleased especially as it is Conservative blue!

photo of notice board for mum

Memories are very important and I thank all my friends, family and Mum’s friends who have been amazing to me and Catherine and I hope that they will remain part of my life for many years to come.

Lastly, thank you to Simon Campbell who created the memorial board and has become a friend .

This is my Mum which was sent to me by family friends in the summer and i think sum’s her up perfectly.

Mum in Spain driving the boat.

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1 Response to Where does a year go after loosing your best friend and mother?

  1. Suzanne Maccaig says:

    Beautiful words and boy where has the year gone. You have been very strong and achieved so much to which your mum would have been so proud. Really miss our get togethers and hope to see you soon xx

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