The Sunday Telegraph ‘Stella’ Magazine – 5 x 5 How to have a great Wedding.

On Sunday, I noticed a great article by Claire Coulson on the five tips by five experts for the ‘great’ wedding.

Having taken a slight back seat on the wedding front in 2014, due to my workload with charity events, I did enjoy the article and it made me realise just how valuable having a professional planner / coordinator can give you that ‘peace of mind’.

Firstly, it was Caroline Burstein of Browns Brides on the dress, this is not an area that I ever really got that involved with.  However, having learnt how to do ‘body mapping’, it certainly had given me the confidence to advise my clients what style of dress to look for and tips on where to go for the best experience.

Secondly, Arabella Preston on make-up and all I can say, having worked with some amazing make-up artists is that firstly, ensure you have a make-up trial when you have your hair done and you are wearing a similar style dress.  And, secondly you must feel comfortable so, if you are more of a ‘natural’ girl then stay natural.

Thirdly, Margot Henderson on Food.  We have all been there as everyone always remembers the food, whether because it was amazing or because there wasn’t enough so, it is critical to get it right.  Know your budget and then be open with the caterer so, you get ‘value for money’.    Canapés are a necessity if you are having a long reception as they help to absorb alcohol and even if you are on a tight budget consider cheese straws as simple but work a treat.  Then, when it comes to the end of the evening ‘midnight munchies’ are also a live saver so, whether it is a bacon roll or similar or a cheese board or sweets something to help absorb the alcohol is always a good move.

Fourthly, flowers by Vic Brotherton.  This is an area where you can spend a lot of money but don’t necessarily get the look so, the most important thing is to be open with the florist you appoint and have an idea of how much you wish to spend.    Always, look to double up on the flowers and by this I mean utilise the flowers more than once throughout the celebrations.  Also, give the flowers away to guests as you don’t want them to be wasted.  If you decide to go it alone, do seek advice on how to look after the flowers and my tip would be use test tubes to preserve flowers where possible.    Remember that flowers form a very important part of the overall visual of the day.

And, lastly the planning by Mark Niemierko who I couldn’t agree with more, the five key pointers he has identified all make for a ‘stress free’ day.

Lastly, all I would say is when planning your big day, have fun and don’t stress about it on the day, as you will have hired a ‘team’ of professionals to ensure it all runs smoothly so you can enjoy the day in hand.

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