12 Days of Christmas according to Mr Muddle of the Mr Men

Earlier today it was Secret Santa at Reading Business Club, where we were all dressed up in black tie and it was electric.   By this, I mean the energy of the twenty six members who attended was amazing, as people shared their journeys through 2013 and they certainly were not all rosy but, the support was enormous.

Mr Men 12 days of Christmas

My secret Santa included ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ all about Mr Muddle and how he just can’t get his head around that Christmas is in December and, the mistakes he makes throughout the year with giving his presents to friends.

Mr Muddle

Mr Muddle

As you can see from the front cover he has 12 presents but, instead of them relating to the 12 days of Christmas, he looks at them as one for each month.   However, he does get the right date i.e. 25th of the month.

So, on the 25th June (my birthday) he gave Mr Tickle a skipping rope and he got in a real tangle.  On the 25th November he gave Mr Slow a sports car who proceeded to drive off shouting ‘Heelp’.  However, on the 25th December he went to his neighbour, Mr Wrong with a Christmas pudding and sadly he was off on his summer holiday.

So, what is the moral of the story?

Is it that when we are working hard and don’t have the time to get the right balance of work and play that we can get into a muddle and, therefore we need to slow down.  This morning an underlying message from colleagues from Reading Business Club was, to slow down but work wiser and be clever so, maybe that is a tip for Mr Muddle.

So, if you are getting in a pickle whether it is with planning for Christmas or New Year’s Eve then do not stress as you can always call Sarah Ducker of SJD Events, who are party planners where we don’t take over, we just alleviate the stress by becoming the backbone so you can enjoy and relax.

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