What makes the perfect ‘stress free’ Christmas drinks?

The key to any occasion being ‘stress free’, is all in the planning.

stressed out women

So, if you are already getting stressed out by the idea of a small drinks for fifteen friends, which has turned out to be for thirty then stop, breathe and if you don’t want a helping hand from a professional  party planner then I hope the  below tips might help put your mind at ease.

You certainly don’t want to have a party and have this at the end of the evening do you?

clearing up after a party

So, if you don’t want the additional cost of a party planner but need a helping hand then may I suggest bringing in a caterer?   And, note that a caterer offering a canapé drop service can be just as cost-effective as ordering in from one of the Supermarket chains.

I can highly recommend the following:

Olivia at Olivia Brinkley                                   http://www.oliviabrinkleyevents.com

Henry O’Grady at True Deli                          http://www.truedeli.co.uk

Julie Grey at Bovingdons                              http://www.bovingdons.co.uk

At the end of the night we always wish we had a cleaning fairy so maybe you just want a couple of helpers/staff to assist with the serving of drinks or, to serve the canapés and this can be easy to resolve.  So, I am sure you will have access to a keen teenager who will jump at the chance to earn some extra money at Christmas.

So, here are SJD Events ten tips for planning a ‘stress free’ party.

  • One       Decide on a realistic budget that works for you and the occasion and then try to stick to it.

 women in supermarket

  • Two       Decide on the drinks you want to serve and my tip would be to keep it simple and do not forget to be imaginative with the non-alcoholic options.  Note that you need to allow a minimum of two and a half drinks an hour.
  • Three    Definitely look to hire in the glassware if over twenty guests and best of all, try to get the glasses that you can return dirty.

For this service you will need to go to a catering hire company such as Rayners or Place Settings.  However, do check with your local supermarket and wine shop as they offer free glass hire.

  • Four       With regards to food, the rule of thumb is to allow 8 to 10 canapés per person for a three hour period.     And, please remember small canapé napkins are a must, and if you have any canapés with sticks that you have a couple of shot glass for the used ones.
  • Five       Remove bulky pieces of furniture so the space is not cluttered as you want people to feel comfortable.  Ensure you create a warm ambience so put up some Christmas decorations and a few candles or use some of the great room sprays.
  • Six          Plan to be ready at least an hour before the event so you can have ‘you’ time to chill.

getting ready for party

  • Seven   Ensure you have put additional toilet rolls in the bathrooms and a clean hand towel and soap is replenished.
  • Eight      Clear the cloakroom area of your coats so, guests can hang them somewhere.
  • Nine      Make sure you have brought in plenty of bin liners.
  • Ten        Enjoy the occasion as you have it all under control and your relaxed.


ideal setting for party

Wishing you a ‘stress free’ Christmas drinks party.

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