They say dreaming is fun but daydreaming at 40 is great fun too


Mr Daydream

Mr.Daydream is about a little boy called Jack but, it could have been written about any child at school.   In fact my school reports always had the words ‘day dreamer and lack of concentration’ featuring heavily.

Jack was in a history class on a hot summer’s day when he met Mr Daydream and went off on an amazing adventure to Africa, Wild West, Australia and the North Pole.

My school days are well over, but I still find myself daydreaming, as I sit at my desk looking out of the window, or while travelling on the bus in traffic.

Daydreaming I believe is similar to dreaming both of which are healthy for a balance in life.   It can take you out of the now momentarily and you can be relaxed and lost in thoughts.

How does daydreaming work for me in business, well I have goals and aspirations to achieve and hurdles to overcome and, I believe with some imagination like Jack and his adventure with Mr. Daydream and the big yellow bird anything can be achieved.

Daydreaming when you hit over forty, sadly is not the same as at school but it has been a life saver for allowing me to zone in and out of a moment and most importantly keep me grounded and in touch with the ‘real me’.

Thank you again Roger Hargreaves.

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