Is there such a thing as Mr. Nobody? No, but you can feel like it sometimes.

Having a business mentor is great, and highly recommended when you find yourself at a crossroads in your businesses vision.

And, it is with them that I have recently been reconnected with the ‘Mr Men Collection‘ as part of my personal development.  So, I have been enjoying reading the books again and reacquainting myself with the various 49 characters.

03 ~ ALL Mr Men and Little Miss Characters-703857

As I have said before, each story has an underlying message and today for me it is ‘Mr. Nobody’.


We all have what some people would call dark days, when you feel alone and invisible and this is why the story of Mr.Nobody resonated with me.

Last year, I had a couple of knocks to my confidence in my professional capacity as a result of a couple of difficult clients and while reading this book to my godson, something that Mr. Happy said really hit home with me ~ ‘I know I used to be somebody, but I can’t remember who, or what, or where or when!’

So, in the book Mr. Happy took Mr.Nobody home and off to see the Wizard where he was cured and he quickly realised the underlying message that ‘everybody’s a SOMEBODY!’.

Now for me, Mr. Happy was my friends who never judged me and were my rock to give me that lift I needed to pick myself up and dust off the past and look to the future.  So who was my Wizard, well that was a mixture of my mentor, and me realizing I could learn from the ‘Who, where, what and when’ and be a stronger person professionally.

So, never think you are alone and invisible as I did, because we all fail at times but putting up our hands and addressing it, means we can learn from it with support from colleagues.

Thanks Roger Hargreaves and for creating Mr.Nobody as everybody is a somebody.

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