How twelve Mr Men characters reflect in your business

On Monday of this week, I had my mentoring session with Celia Champion of Painless Business, and my homework is to look at a series of twelve of the forty six Mr Men characters and identify where they fit or, don’t as the case may be, within my business, SJD Events for 2013.

For me, 2013 is all about ‘new beginnings’ so this was a perfect challenge to be set.

So let me introduce you to the Mr Men characters in question.

  • Mr Daydream
  • Mr Small
  • Mr Messy
  • Mr Forgetful
  • Mr Lazy
  • Mr Worry
  • Mr Perfect
  • Mr Brave
  • Mr Happy
  • Mr Grumpy
  • Mr No
  • Mr Busy

Where did I start, as the twelve chosen all had a place/role within my vision / challenges for 2013, and some were hurdles to overcome.

So, I will share a couple with you and they are:

Mr Messy

Mr Messy

I pride myself as very organized which is why I do my job as a Wedding and Party Planner, but if I had to look at this character and analyse it, I would say that ‘messy’ is about being out of sorts.  So, with this is in mind I consider this character to relate to my new flat and office move which turned everything upside down but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and within the next month or so that should all be sorted.

mr perfect

Mr Perfect

Well aren’t we all perfect!

For me, this year it is all about communication and establishing what clients and suppliers think of the services that SJD Events offer and if they match their requirements?   So, it is going to be about building new relationships which compliment my offerings with people with the same values and vision.


mr no

Mr No

Something that I say in the mirror every morning to myself, and have been for about two years.   Understanding that saying no, is not about being negative if said in the right way and that is what my challenge is.

So, if I say ‘no’, I should not need to justify that decision but sadly one does when people are not used to hearing it.

However, to date saying no has not lost me a client, or a supplier or, even a friend, in fact with the word no, I believe comes respect.

So, now I have my twelve Mr Men characters and the challenges associated with them for 2013 stuck around my office and I may even have to look at the other 34.

Also, while baby sitting the other night I found Mr Small, Mr Smalland had a real giggle, as even though they are children’s books they all have an underlying message and this one is all about finding the perfect job.

So, if this has given you some intrique into which characters you can use to help grow your business then for more information on the 46 characters within the Mr Men series check out

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