Celia Champion, Painless Business and Reading Business Club ten minutes

This morning, I was chairing the Reading Business Club breakfast meeting at Sonning Golf Club of which I am a member, and Celia Champion of Painless Business was giving the 10 minutes.

Celia is a Business Coach, and I am pleased to say that I am party too her professional services as part of the Reading Success Club.   As I am just about to enter my sixth year of business I realised about a year ago it was time to seek advice from professionals so that I could keep the business on track and see growth.   I have had some considerable challenges over the past six months but, it is thanks to Painless Business that I have introduced ‘Balance’ into my life and that is what has kept me sane.

Anyway, the reason for this blog was that Celia of Painless Business spoke about the role of  Business Coaching and what it means to different people and businesses.   And, one of the models she highlighted was SCARF.  Now what is SCARF you may well ask?

S = Status

C = Certainty

A = Autonomy

R = Relatedness

F = Fairness

And, it made so much sense, as she gave us different examples for the various categories and I am certainly going to investigate it further.   And as soon as I got home I completed the online survey and I was shocked at the outcome.

When, I looked at this morning for my business as a Wedding Planner (SJD Events Limited) at the breakfast meeting, I thought the spelling would be more like RCSAF which as you can see isn’t even a word.   So, when I got the results it was interesting to see the breakdown and I am going to work on this before my next Reading Success Club Session in January.

Results of online survey ~ Relatedness = 50%  Status = 21.4% and Certainty = 21.4%, Autonomy = 7.1% and Fairness was 0.

To try out this survey yourself click on the following link, it only takes a couple of minutes, www.neuroleadership.com/global/product/scarf-self

And then lastly to receive the best newsletter out there, you need to click on www.painlessbusiness.com and register.  This month it was all about ‘why you hire a blond receptionist?’.

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