Going to visit the dentist again aged 42

Confessing to my new dentist that I had not been for at least 5 years was a good start, but the only reason I was visiting was a) I had tooth ache and b) after visiting the USA in September I noticed just how white everyone’s teeth are so thought it was about time to address it.

So, after confessing this to him, he smiled and I was in the chair with my orange glasses and actually it wasn’t as scary or as bad as I had anticipated.  He took some X-rays, prodded around and even announced I still had a milk tooth.   But, one think he did say was, that if I didn’t look after my teeth I could end my looking like this.

What happens when you don’t visit the dentist …

Now, I know about looking after myself, as I visit the Dr Luther Moss at ML Chiropractic who looks after my spine.   And, I go to Boot Camp with Anna Keeble so, I look after my body but my teeth have been neglected and let’s face it, I certainly don’t want to look like the above.

So, I embarked on the journey yesterday with my new dentist, Rajinsh Joshi in Fulham Road for my first session.  Overcoming the fear of the drill

The dreaded dentists drill

was the first step, and then having to make another confession, that being my tongue was red as I had overdone the red wine the night before.  He laughed and said I should have said it was ‘tizer’ but then I am 42.

The experience actually wasn’t as bad as I had imagined though having to keep quiet for over two and a half hours was tough for me.  And I was gagging with a wedge to keep my mouth open, and even though you have a local anesthetic so everything is numb you can’t block out the noises.   Fortunately, I didn’t have to have root canal treatment so that was a relief but I did leave feeling as if I had a double lip, no tongue and a the right of face was drooping.

When,  I got home  I’d decided to have a drink and was pleased I was in the privacy of my own home, as I proceeded to dribble which was just like my adorable godson, not a good look.

I am not really sure why I have written this blog, but one thing that I learnt from going back to the dentist was that it wasn’t that scary and that I shouldn’t leave it so long next time.  Basically, we all know the longer you leave something the harder it is to fix and you do need your teeth.  So, if you haven’t been to the dentist recently do.

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