The 2012 Comment Awards from Editorial Intelligence

This morning the day had arrived it was the announcement of who had won each category, my role as judge was coming to an end and I was really excited to know if the nominee that I chose in fact would win.

The awards ceremony was held at RIBA which is a lovely setting and we started with juice and I did see bubbles for those who wanted to part take however I was suffering slightly having attended the Annual Security Awards the night before.   But, as we waited to go through I met Sue Wright who was representing her son and she was my partner in crime for the morning.

As we entered the room we were ushered to a table at the front where we were to sit with Janet Street-Porter who is a real character.

The ceremony was hosted by Peter York who is an absolute gem and someone who would liven up any dinner party.   You will have to check out the video link on the website to see what he was wearing as it was perfect and I am not going to tell any more.

My category that acted as a judge for was the first award, ‘best online comment site’ and this award was presented by Steve Moore of Big Society Network and went to Coffee House, The Spectator.  And, I can happily announce that this was my first choice as a judge and well deserved.

There were some really high powered people in the room and well recognised for their contribution to comment and what was so nice that the atmosphere was one of warm and comradeship.   This is one of the reasons I so enjoy being part of Editorial Intelligence and was so touched to be asked to be a judge.

Sue Wright who was representing her son Mic as an Independent Blogger won that category and so she accepted the award on his behalf.  She was a proud Mum and it was nice to see that Mic had asked her to represent him.    The blog he writes is

A new category introduced was the Sports Commentator including the Olympics coverage and this went to Simon Barnes at the Times, though I think the other two short listed Mike Atherton and Martin Samuel also did a great job.

Janet Street-Porter won the columnist of the year for her contribution through The Independent on Sunday and she is amazing having been involved in the world of media for over 40 years and is so successful because she is passionate and writes about herself.

Then, the last award which was the Chairs (Harvey Goldsmith CBE) Choice was awarded to AA Gill and that was great as I also enjoy his column but had never met him, not that I did meet him but obviously I saw him and what a great person though I have been on receiving end of his critic but I won’t share that, sorry.

So, to summarize the event pulled together by Julia Hobsbawm and her team at Editorial Intelligence was amazing and all I can say is a huge thank you for selecting me to be a judge and allowing me to part Comments Awards 2012.

For full details and live coverage check out the website or


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