Boot Camp is back on track with Anna Keeble

Last week, after my session I made a flippant comment as I sat in reception that it was ‘easy’, those words will never pass my lips again, as this comment was taken out of context.

Anyway, whereas I might have made a comment, and Anna broke me in gently after the break, I suffered for a couple of days after.

So, today Anna was taking no prisoners with my workout as she wanted to see me crawl out of the session, luckily I didn’t have to crawl up the stairs but a brisk walk home which was hampered at Chelsea Football Club by rain was needed.

British Weather

We started as last week with a new routine which is five exercises x 40 seconds of which we did three sessions upping the ante each time.   Firstly, it was jogging on the spot, to star jumps, to side steps and knee up, to feet up behind to kick bum and then finishing with my ultimate the knees up.

Then, it was a little rest for some leg stretches and then into squats with the Swiss Ball against the wall with weights.   I noticed that the weight had been increased again and now back to 5kgs, as I embarked on my 15 squats followed immediately by 15 pulses with a watchful eye from Anna ensuring that I was low enough as this exercises was repeated four times.

Then, it was boxing and using the punch bag which I so enjoy and just need to remember my gloves.  So, I bet you’d like to know who I was thinking of during this routine … This was a series of five exercises of one minute each which we completed twice.  Firstly, it was just the basic left, right punch and back to centre.  Followed by right kicks and left kicks ensuring that I engaged my core and twisted my hips so when I finished I was turned facing the opposite side

Not quite me yet, but you get the picture.

and if I say so myself I think I have mastered this now with the pointing of the toe and I can give it some welly as they say.  Then, it was knees up and with a medicine ball swinging the upper body side to side, this took some thought to get the coordination but we got there in the end.  And, then it was like a ski jump as in legs and ankles together and jumping side to side keeping the chest up but the core engaged and the bum up without twisting the body.

I then thought I was having a nice walkout on the treadmill to give the legs a rest, how wrong.  It started with a leisurely walk for 2 minutes as we put the world to right and then a jog for 30 seconds and then a sprint for 30 seconds where it got faster so I confess I had to hold onto the bar just to keep myself flying off the back but engaging the core kept in position.  This exercise we carried out three times and even though I had the option of pressing stop, no way could I let myself down with the motto ‘no pain no gain’ and Anna was impressed.  It ended with a nice leisurely walkout for three minutes.

Then, it was abs and I embarked on 3 sets of 10 sit ups on the Bosu ensuring I was engaging the core and pressing my lower back onto the Bosu as I went back and came up remembering to keep the arms up as I tuck behind my ears.

Then, just when the abs are burning I did a minute of straightening the leg one at a time almost like a puppet motion.  Arms in the air as I brought them down the leg went up and then down as I brought the arms back.  That might sound easy but she wanted a straight leg.

Oh, then it was the cool down stretches and my hour was finished and it was time for the walk home.

Anna Keeble works out of a studio in Fulham and has a wide variety of clients of ages and abilities.   I needed that helping hand to kick start fitness almost a year ago now and I love it.     She is a hard task master but I wouldn’t want it any other way as she has also become a friend too.    She offers a free consultation so why not check out her website at


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