Back to Boot Camp after 8 weeks … oh I am going to suffer

This morning, as I woke up and knew it was back to Boot Camp my saying ‘no pain no gain’ was certainly at the front of my mind, and I was dreading heading back to Fulham to Anna Keeble’s studio.

Why had I left it so long?  Well, what with holidays for both parties and my manic weddings in August (that’s another blog as a 55 hour marathon) something had to take a back seat and sadly it was boot camp.

Anyway, I survived however I may not be saying the same thing in the morning, when I wake up to the reality that it is very easy to become unfit!   Though, I have been out and about pushing my godson, Zach around Hyde Park and then while I am working I run around a lot and, then lastly on holiday in New York I did do a fair bit of walking.

So, did Anna break me in gently, I think so however it will be a false sense she has given me and next week she will be back to the hard task master.

Today, we started with stretches and sadly it was quickly identified that I would have a lot of homework to do with my foam roller to ease the knots in the thighs.  

Then we did three sets of five exercises of 20 seconds, upping the ante as we went.  Starting with jogging on the spot, to star jumps, to side steps and knee up, to legs kicks behind and finally knees up.    Then, a few stretches for the legs to ease them up and onto the treadmill.  

Kettle Bells ~ normal swing

And, then out came the kettle bells and initially it was just two sets of 12 normal swings engaging my core and ensuring the technique was correct.  Then, we added the one arm which is when the technique and concentration lapses and whereas it was only supposed to be 5 on each arm it ended up being 10 on each arm in the first set as it took a while to get the technique.   Then, the second set was better but had to wimp out after the 10 on the left arm and had a break before the 10 on the right arm.

Squats using a Swiss Ball and Weights

Then, onto squats with the ball behind my back against the wall where we did three sets of fifteen squats  where Anna had her watchful eye and a foam roller to ensure I was going lower enough and then finishing off with fifteen pulses.  The first set was without weights, then 2 kg and then 3 kgs.

We then moved to the bosu and it was three sets of 12 sit ups and again ensuring the core was engaged.

Then, onto the mat for some series stretching with the foam roller to open up the chest

Foam Roller ~ stretch to open up chest and biceps

and on the thighs where I had to lift both feet up off the mat and boy did I feel that, hence the homework.

Then, it was time to wind up and off I went to Dr Luther to be cracked back into shape.

Note to myself don’t leave it so long next time before going to Boot Camp.

If you need someone to kick you into shape then check out Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose on and then when you are at the Studio check out Dr Luther for chiropractic assistance with your posture and they also have much more.

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