SJD Events sponsored Penny Junor at Henley Literary Festival 2012-09-29

Penny Junor author of Prince William ~ Born to be King at Henley Literary Festival

Once again we were not disappointed at the Kenton Theatre in Henley on Friday with the interview of Penny Junor by Sam Leith (her eldest son).

It wasn’t a full house but the attendees certainly were not disappointed by the hour’s recital. 

Their was a great energy between mother and son, and it was nice to learn how Penny had been introduced to the Royal Family and the ways of the Palace, over 30 years ago.   It was while she was a freelance journalist and had reported on a rabies attack in the UK, and someone she met at the time was in publishing and liked her style in the article and as a result approached her to do the first biography on Princess Diana.     She then shared some of the residence she had from the Palace when she asked for assistance and how she embarked on doing her own research and then getting clearance to send a list of questions to Diana.   Since then Penny Junor has written other books, such as ‘Victim or Villain’ on Prince Charles which she also touched on and spoke very highly of him.

The book ‘Prince William ~ Born to be King’ is certainly going to be an interesting read which I have purchased.  It was also not an easy book to research and she had to get William’s blessing to write it and as we know he is an extremely private personal especially when it comes to his private life.    So, Penny with Sam’s great questions gave us a taster of what to expect with sharing extracts from it. 

My guests all enjoyed it thoroughly, and once again Jean Gladstone was pleased to be able to speak to Penny Junor and establish that she was the daughter of the late John Junor who had been a very well known journalist who had been the editor or similar writing for the Sunday Express.  

Sam Leith, interviewer of Penny Junor at Henley Literary Festival

Obviously, the writing skills of the family genes had also rubbed off on her eldest son, Sam Leith who was also a journalist formerly of the Daily Telegraph and spoke on Saturday but sadly I missed it.

Once again the Henley Literary Festival delivered another great event and SJD Events Limited is so pleased to be associated.

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