Sir John Major and ‘My Old Man’ ~ the history of the Music Hall sponsored by SJD Events at Henley Literary Festival

Last night, saw Sir John Major take to the stage for a full house at the Kenton Theatre as part of the extensive programme of events for Henley Literary Festival 2012.

Sarah Ducker of SJD Events Limited once again showed her support of Henley Literary Festival with sponsoring this event which was very well received by the audience as a sell out with some people missing out.

I have to say, that it was rather strange to see Sir John Major on the stage taking about Music Halls rather than his life in politics or, his love for cricket.     Whereas, I am too young to have experienced a Music Hall personally, I certainly learnt something and did know some of the old songs he mentioned.    But, what was fascinating was the extent of the research Sir John must have done into the book and how many influential people for the world of music and theatre in general, had come through the Music Halls of old.  

Both his parents had been part of the Music Hall for many years and someone in the audience asked why he hadn’t pursued this career path and had opted for politics and his answer was fascinating.     Basically, his passion for politics came from his childhood when he lived, if I recall correctly in Brixton after his father had lost everything when he was an early teenager.   They had lived in a two bedroom flat on the top floor of a communal, cosmopolitan house and so he learned about how different cultures and what politics was all about.

It really was an informative and fun evening and I certainly believe that ‘My Old Man’ published by Harper Collins will be worth a read.

My guests were thrilled with the event, Jean Gladstone got her political book signed and was able to tell Sir John Major that he was one of her idols, Judith Nimmo-Smith had a picture of her with Sir John Major in Number 10 signed and that was immediately put into a frame.  And, then Niki Schafer a local amazing Interior Designer and a new colleague had a book signed for her mother and I got the below picture.

Sir John Major and Niki Schafer at Henley Literary Festival 2012

Henley Literary Festival is a non for profit event which runs for a week each year at the end of September/October and sponsored overall by The Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday, and this year Laithwaite’s.    However, the real thanks for putting on this amazing event must go to Sue Ryan and Harriet Ryan who are just brilliant and the team of volunteers and I am so pleased to have been associated with them for the past four years.

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