No pain No gain with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose

Today was session seven of term three and boy was it scary, as Anna had just had breakfast so she was full of energy.  So topped with the mini heat wave we are experiencing I knew I was going to be in for a hard workout.

So, we started with the warm up and Anna introduced a new hip flex stretch which I think was due to the fact that I had said after last week my bum was sore for a few days and I fear it could be about to return after all the squats.

We started with squats with no props, so it was about the technique, engaging my core and tightening my bottom, as I came up, ensuring I didn’t lift my heels off the ground. 

Plain squats

We did this for one minute, followed by pulsing for 15 seconds and repeated this routine four times.

Today, we didn’t do our 200 bum crunches so that will have to be my homework.

Then we went into the kettle bells, and to start I had six swings with a 8kg weight to remind myself and then the exercise from hell was to follow.  Basically, the kettle ball was replaced by a 12kg kettle ball and it was all about the single swing of which Anna expected 15 swings x 5 times, for the first time I swore as it was going to be a real challenge.  Anyway, I persevered and boy did it burn.  However,  I was able to have the last set back with the 8kg weight.  

Kettle Bells standard exercise with 12kg weight

The technique is hard as it is like a pendulum and the urge is to use the arms to pull it up but it is all about engaging the core and swinging from the hips which I finally mastered.  The idea is slow and precise rather than haste is the note to myself.

Then, I had a break with some stretching of the pecks as I found my right shoulder hurting slightly.  So, with the tennis ball on the wall I massaged my muscles and boy does that work so if you have a slight niggles try a tennis ball on the wall if you don’t have a foam roller or can’t get to have a massage.

Then, we went into the squats against the wall with the Swiss Ball and the 5kg weights in each hand. 

Squats with the Swiss Ball in the lower back and 5kg weights

And, again it was all about engaging the core and tightening the bum and off we went with the 15 squats and then 15 pulses with a 30 second downtime between them to walk it out and then repeated the exercise four times.

And, then it was into the five minute last drive of exercise and boy did the last minute kill.  So, for the first minute

Basic boxing technique

it was gloves on and jab left, right and back to centre for a full minute on the bag. Then, the second minute was the kick to bag ensuring the toe is pointed and that you twist the body from the hips once you engage with the punch bag and this was on the right leg which I have to say I find the hardest. 

Kick Boxing

The third minute was change of legs to the left and this seems to be much easier, not sure why but engaging the core helps.   Then, the fourth minute was about coordination which I certainly don’t have and it showed as I was handed a medicine ball and with lifting my knees up and jogging on the spot as I twisted with the Swiss ball, it was a joke and pleased no cameras.  And, then the final minute my absolute favourite the corner to corner of the studio dash with another squat and that was a killer resulting in me looking a little like this lady.

Exhausted after Boot Camp

Boy was I glad for the cool down today and stretching.

One shouldn’t complain about the sunshine but the heat outside and doing an intense work out was tough this morning.

Unfortunately, I didn’t walk home as I had a meeting with a friend, yes looking attractive and sweaty but, I have subsequently been for a cycle on a Boris bike to the Fulham Road and then walked back home so that is ok.

So, do you want to be put through your paces so, you can feel good about yourself and get fit at the same time, then you need to check out ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ and Anna Keeble at the studio in Fulham.   Don’t forget she has a great newsletter with some great tips so visit the website and sign up.

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