Get Fit for Purpose with Anna Keeble means No Pain No Gain

Today was session six of term three and the sun was shining or, at least it was blue sky and for a change no rain so, maybe the weather forecasters have got it right and we are just about to start summer.  However, those attending the Olympics have been warned to wear wellies so let’s see.

After last weeks session, I certainly felt that my stomach muscles had worked and as a result on the Thursday night when I attended my first rock concert, Queen at the Apollo in Hammersmith boy did I feel it when I laughed or coughed.   Luckily, it was only for a day otherwise I would have suffered on the Friday night at a dinner party!

So, we started with normal warm up exercises and the infamous 200 bum crunches  which certainly leaves you with your bottom burning.

Then, it was into one legged squats, where using the bars to balance and merely to balance, not as an aid I embarked on each leg squats x ten repetitions, with the respective hand crossing the body and touching the ground by the other foot.   This exercise may sound easy but the heel must remain on the floor and it is all about the power of the legs to bring you back up, chest lifted rather than using the balancing arm.   This exercise we repeated twice.

Then, into the squats against the wall with the Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball wall squats with 5kg weights

with my 5kg weights.   The first set of 15 I really felt the weights but actually they are more to keep your arms from working and by set two it was my bottom and knees that were feeling the work.   So, it was 15 repetitions of normal squats where I had to ensure a slower up motion ensuring the heels stayed on the ground and then straight back down, no stopping at the top for a breath so my breathing was key.  And, then straight into the squat and 15 pulses and boy that hurt, as tendency to come up thinking it’s easier!    In between the sets I walked it out on the treadmill for 30 seconds which was a blessing.

Then, on went the boxing gloves and it was boxing which is one of my favourites as any frustrations can be alleviated with the energy I have left.   The first exercise was a minute of the basic boxing movements ~ left, right and centre, which I repeated on the bag which I have to say is harder than the pads but it does ensure you are hitting the bag with the right part of your hand.   The second exercise, was a minute of kicks and hip turns.

Kick Boxing ensuring the toe is pointed and turning the hips

So, 30 seconds on each leg and it would seem that the right leg is much easier for me, so I just need to concentrate on pointing the toe, watching the bag and then engage kick and twist the hips around as there is certainly power in me.    The third exercise was an exercise of concentration, as it was left, right, left and duck.  The duck being a squat ensuring the chest was lifted and looking straight ahead with no rests as you came up.   Then, the final minute was not my favourite which was running back and forth for the length of the studio ensuring that at each end of the room you squat down.  By now your energy levels are dwindling and today my legs felt it so this was hard, as Anna is a hard task master and her words of encouragement may have gone straight over my head.

Then, it was onto the Bosu for sets of sits up, so hopefully tomorrow I won’t be holding my stomach as I laugh.  Anyway, it was 15 sit ups ensuring hands behind my head, so for me tucked behind my ears and using the Bosu to lean right back and then engaging the core to come up.  Then, moving onto the mat for another sit up exercise, where the core and abs are engaged and with the hands over the pelvis you twist the hands side to side and we did two sets of 10 and boy was my tummy screaming.   This exercise was repeated with another full set of 15 sit ups on the Bosu and then 2 sets of the sit ups and twists.

Then it was cool down and boy did I need the stretches today and I will need to remember to do a couple before I go to bed.    Fortunately, the rain held off so I was able to walk home which took half an hour and then I just lay on the foam roller and stretched out my pecks which is my homework.

However, I did have a session with Dr Luther Moss afterwards, as I was due a monthly check up on my spine and posture, and after a little bit of manipulation I felt ready to tackle the world head on.

So, if you need to get an energy boost check out Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose and then when you need to have the perfect posture and need some spine realignment work check out Dr Luther Moss of ML Chiropractic.   and



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