Get Fit for Purpose with Anna Keeble, session five, term three

I was so pleased to be back on track and in the studio of Anna Keeble in Fulham earlier today, as once again we had had a two week gap since the last session.  And, now I am pleased to say that I am back on track to my weekly sessions as it is important to have me time’.

So, no pain no gain is back on track and after my session I started to walk home but sadly only got to Chelsea Football Club before the rain started so, took the bus and then walked from the bus stop so better than nothing.

Anna had been on holiday so she was totally relaxed however started with a scary comment, that she hadn’t had to train at 5am so was full of energy … and I was 10 minutes early.

So, we started with the usual warm up exercises to wake my body up for what she had in line for me, followed by 200 bum crunches 200 bum crunches fortunately with a couple of breaks to hug the knees as the bum certainly was burning at the end.

I was then reunited with the kettle bells which I hadn’t done for a while.     The most important point on using the kettle bells is the technique and if you get that wrong then you are working the wrong parts of the body or, at least putting them under pressure.  So, note to myself is less speed and concentrate.     Firstly, we started with an 8kg kettle ball and just did the first stage exercise of swings back and forth, basically like a pendulum.  However, the art is to lean into the swing motion as you put the kettle ball between your legs and let your chest drop, keeping your core and abs engaged and then thrust forward using the hips coming up level to the shoulders and not going to high so you jolt your back.   It may sound easy but as I said technique is key.   So, we did 20 repetitions of this motion and repeated the exercise twice.    Secondly, we moved onto a heavier kettle ball which I believe was 10kgs and just did a single arm swing with the other arm out with knuckles clenched to balance.   Here the important element is that when you swing the kettle ball between your legs that you twist your hand and lead with your thumb.   Then, lastly I went back to the 8kg weight and it was the three stage exercise which I had done before but with a final element.   

Kettle Bells – three stage exercise

Here, it was all about bending the knees, engaging the core and abs and using the whole body to thrust the kettle ball up above the head.   So, you start as normal but as you swing up, you bring the kettle ball into a shoulder / elbow lock, then you bend the knees and then push up with your whole body to lift the kettle ball above the head.   My tendency was to use my arms and boy that isn’t easy as the elbow goes out the whole exercise has to be aborted.   But, when you engage the core and abs and push up from the heels and through it is easy, then bend the knees and back to the shoulder/elbow lock and down.   We did three repetitions on each arm twice.

Then, it was onto my favourite the squats with the Swiss ball and we were back onto the 5kg weights in both hands and I managed to complete all four exercises without having to change the weights and put it down to getting the breathing right.   

Squats using the Swiss Ball with 5 kg weights

So, firstly it is 15 squats with the Swiss ball in your back against the wall with the weights and then followed by a squat with 15 pulses which burns.   Fortunately, in between these exercises I get 1 ½ minutes on the treadmill to walk it out otherwise my legs would totally give up.

The last exercise for the day was sit ups on the bosu, 

Bosu Sit Ups

ensuring that you are on the edge of the bosu leaning right over the bosu with your lower back in the bosu and arms stretched out above the head, then pull up engaging the core and abs ensuring it isn’t a pendulum motion i.e. your arms stay up straight, tucked behind your ears.   We did 20 sits ups and two repetitions of the exercise.   In between, I moved to the mat and in the sit up position engaging with the abs and core and ensuring my body didn’t twist as I looked forward I did 10 locked hand over stomach turns – they may sound easy but boy does your core burn.

Then, a short walk out on the treadmill and it was into the cool down exercises with stretches.   And, to ensure I don’t seize up tomorrow I need to continue to stretch during the day and before I go to bed.

After the hour, I was alive and full of positive energy so if you are feeling sluggish and need some energy put back into your life then I would highly recommend a session with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose.

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