No Pain No Gain with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose

Yesterday, was session four of term three and my motto is still ‘no pain no gain’.   I have to say that missing a week can have its tell, tell signs so, once Anna returns from her holidays we will be back on track with sessions once a week.    It is so easy to find an excuse not to exercise but if you don’t do it regularly all the hard work you put in goes out of the window.   Thankfully with the nice weather, long may it last I do get out and walk around Hyde Park.

So, what did yesterday’s session have in stall for me?

We started with the normal warm up and then went in 200 bum crunches, at first I thought Anna was joking but Anna never jokes!    Bum crunches and it was 200So we started with 100, then hugged the knees and by then my bum was burning, but it was straight into the next 50.  Sadly, I needed another knee hug after 150 and, those last 50, boy did it burn.  A rude awakening to that muscle at 9am in the morning.

We then went onto the bar and weights where we did the three stage lift.  So, with my knees apart and a wide grip on the bar, lift to the knees – core engaged.   Then bending the knees into a squat like position, so that there is no strain on your lower back, I flipped the bar up to shoulder level.  Then the final stage was pushing up with your heels, core engaged to push the bar straight above my head and exhale.   I really wish I could find a picture as my description is probably not great and for those who do weight training its easy.   But, one think I have learnt over the past 7 months that I have been training with Anna Keeble, is that it’s not about the weight, it is all about the technique.   So, we did three sets of 15 ending with a good stretch over the Swiss ball. stretch over a Swiss Ball

Then, it was straight into the Swiss ball against the wall and squats, however sneaky Anna Keeble increased the weights to 5kg’s rather than 4kg’s last time thinking I wouldn’t notice!   So, it was 20 squats with the ball against the wall, ensuring I went down to the right level Anna had a watchful eye.   This was then followed by a squat and 15 pulses which let me tell you is a killer.   The first set was ok, however I had to change the weights half way through set two, and swapped to 4kg weights and as a result the pulses were increased to 16.   Then, for the final set, I did 17 pulses and boy did I know it.    In between the sets I walked out on the treadmill.

One think I have realised is, that by having one to one training with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose I have really started to identify with my body and niggles.   Within my hourly session, we wake the muscles up, we work them and then we cool them down.   So many times when I used to go to the gym, I would skip on one of the processes and then wonder why I suffered.   The warm up and cool down is the most important part of exercise to ensure it works and the tips and techniques you learn are invaluable.

Then, it was in to boxing but with a twist, as no gloves it was boxing but Anna had the pads and I had my knees.   This was certainly a killer exercise as we did sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and finally 12.   Now, that might seem easy but fear not, that was only part A of this one.  Part B was after doing the knee to pad, that I had to run from one end of the studio to the other and it wasn’t just simply run and turn around and run back, no it was full squat down to the floor, bending the knees and engaging the core.   Let me tell you by 10 I was flaking and by 12 it was the power of the mind and breathing that got me to the end.  Anna said people can swear at her during this exercise but for once I was quite as no excess energy to talk.

We then had cool down stretching out the whole body and the hour was over.

I then headed off home, sadly I didn’t have time to walk home as I had a meeting but I ran around yesterday like a headless chicken as I was preparing food for a drinks party for 40 guests, and before I went to bed I did some additional stretches so, this morning I was ready for another day.

So, do you need someone to motivate you into getting a healthy balance? 

If the answer is yes then contact Anna Keeble and you won’t look back.

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