Back on track after a two week gap … no pain no gain with Anna Keeble

Due to my workload I had not been able to have a session with Anna for a couple of weeks and boy was I ready for it last week.   However, as a result of a heavy weekend (working I must add) my body was giving off tell, tell signs of ‘please look after me’ as I had granny ankles most unattractive I must add from standing for over 24 hours on and off.

Anyway, Anna was kind to me and we embarked on session two of term three in the Fulham Studio.

Starting with a longer warm up, this included an 8 minute up hill walk on the treadmill. running uphill on the treadmill

Then, into my bum crunches and no wonder though I was talking I felt my bum burning, only to learn we did 200 but we did stop at 100 to give the knees a good hug. bum crunchesFrom, this we moved onto a crab like exercise.  Though I later found out as I was informed by my six year old niece, a crab is nothing like the exercise.  So, the exercise was all fours, keeping the hips level and both knees off the ground, and then one knee out straight in and out, while the other knee acted as an anchor.   I think this one you’d have to see as this description sounds rather strange, but I couldn’t find an image of it but we did two sets i.e. each knee 10 times.

Then, it was into the dead lifts and yup I am still on the maximum weight, however, I didn’t feel it as much as the first time.   As, I mentioned earlier I was working at the weekend and so lifting stuff on my own is part of the role.    So, with the legs far apart and the grip narrow, I embarked on four sets of 10 dead lifts.  Between each set, I was able to walk it out and do some knee to chest lifts.

We then moved onto the kettle bells something I haven’t done for a while and I have to say it was a bit like boxing, as you could push out excess energy (frustration in my case) though much more of a technique.    The idea is not to speed up too much as it results in getting out of control and a kettle bell isn’t that light!   So, for kettle bells we had four different exercises to complete with two repetitions.    Firstly, it was just a normal swing through the legs, thrust the hips forward and coming up tall with the kettle balls level with the chest, remembering to go through the legs with the thumb leading and twist the arm as you come back.   It isn’t easy remembering everything but I got their in the end and we did 20 repetitions of this.     Then, we went onto an exercise when you have one arm out straight and the other arm is doing a free swing, and boy this is when the core has to lock, as you tend to find the body swinging all over and the straight arm balancing you – practise I believe will be the key for this one.   And, we did 10 repetitions per arm.   And, then lastly what is called ‘clean’ and the image below explains this one.    Kettle Bells ~ Clean ExerciseI thought I might have a load of bruises afterwards but I didn’t.  The idea with the kettle bells is to take it slowly and get the technique right, and I am assured kettle bells are a woman’s solution to fat burning, cardio and fitness so bring it on I say.

We then moved to some AB exercises with the good old oblique plank again one of those exercises I used to dread, but over the months my core muscles have strengthened and therefore the challenge is less.   Not that I now want Anna to increase the intensity I am merely saying I am mastering them.    Here we did two different exercises for 15 seconds each x 2 repetitions which might not sound tough but, I’d like to see some of you have a session with Anna the task master.

Then, it was time to cool down and stretch out the muscles and off I went for my half an hour walk back home which was just what the doctor ordered.     I certainly suffered as a result last time not walking it out and rushing off onto the tube and into my car for a meeting.  In fact, I was gluten for punishment, as it wasn’t raining I also embarked on a walk around the perimeter of Hyde Park as well.

Thanks, Anna for continuing to push me as, I always feel alive after a session.   But, it doesn’t stop after a session you need to do homework and now I have my foam roller, I can incorporate a short routine of five or ten minutes into my daily routine.

If you want to exercise ‘Boot Camp’ with no pain no gain then check out Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose and visit her at the studio in Fulham Road.



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