‘Thought of the Day’ with Editorial Intelligence chaired by Julia Hobsbawm

Yesterday, with great excitement I attended the ‘thought of the day’ event which has returned to the Editorial Intelligence calendar at Somerset House.  It is an early start, but after a nice strong coffee and the yummy pastries I was ready for my experience.

One of the reasons I joined Editorial Intelligence almost two years ago was that I wanted to be part of a group that made the old brain matter work and, certainly at these events especially it really gives you a lift for the day ahead.   Not only do I come away enlightened but yesterday I even came back and googled one of the speakers.

So, who was on the panel you may ask?

First up was Parag Khanna, a Senior Fellow, New America Foundation & Director, Hybrid Reality Institute and he spoke about the time line of history and saying that we were now going from an ‘information age’ into a ‘hybrid age’ and that GO technology is the way forward.    It was a very interesting way to describe the way world evolves.   I will take away from Parag the reference to ‘leadership’ and the Arab State and also the selection of government on a four year cycle.

Followed by Michele Hanson, Guardian columnist and writer spoke about the ‘innocent outsider’ using a reading which was based on Gulliver’s Travels and referring to stories and the present climate with reference to politics, the economy and society.  She also referred to Swift and that being ‘naive’ was almost worse than being ‘silly’.      I couldn’t have agreed more with her statement ‘detach yourself and look in without a muddled vision’ this is something I always say to my clients.   What I have taken away from Michele is that she is a passionate person who has the ‘peoples’ voice at heart and feels that the government don’t list to the grassroots – how true generally but then don’t we just listen to them as someone commented for ‘leadership’!

Last up was Gabrielle Rifkind, Director Middle East Human, Oxford Research Group who spoke about the link between people’s behaviour and politics.   Stating it was all about getting into the mind of the enemy and not throwing blame.   She also spoke about her new book ‘The Fog of Peace’.     And, from Gabrielle I will take away that we should all have ‘open minds’ and I just wish it could always be the case but I will certainly try to stay focused.

Then it wrapped up with a Q& A session which was alive with people saying ‘can we really read the mind of our enemies?’ to ‘we need to know our own mind before we can make changes’ to ‘we live in a complex society through leadership’ to ‘do we need the rich / poor divide to survive in society’ to ‘if we build trust and relationships will this not help face the society divide’.    And then to words such as: ‘foggy’ ‘disconnected’ ‘self-responsibility’ and ‘open mind’.

So, as you can see it was really thought provoking and if you would like to hear the pod cast yourself then click on the following link http://www.editorialintelligence.com/podcasts.htm

And, if you want to learn more about the various events put on with Editorial Intelligence check out the website at www.editorialintelligence.com.

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1 Response to ‘Thought of the Day’ with Editorial Intelligence chaired by Julia Hobsbawm

  1. I love EI and listen while I work. The level is brilliant and I’ve learnt so much. it’s inspiring.

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