No pain No gain with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose

Well after a two week break due to workload, I was back with Anna Keeble at her studio on Fulham Road for Term Three, and boy let me tell you she is stepping up the ante.   

Unfortunately, I had a mega day ahead of me and so had to cram the full hour into 50 minutes but managed it.  However, after leaving the studio in Fulham and not having time to walk home, I felt the difference as I ran to Parsons Green tube and had to negotiate the stairs. Note to self ‘never rush a training session!’ when legs and lactic acid are involved!

Anyway, I managed to complete the day but let’s just say that my legs knew about it and thank goodness for radox and additional stretching.

So, now on the gruelling routine I encountered.

We started with the usual warm up exercises to get the heart rate up and then straight in.  

Bum crunches

We started with 100 bum crunches so my bum was burning to start with and then it was into weights and the bar.     

Dead lift with 17.5 kg weight

This time it was upping the weight and shorter repetitions and in fact it was 17 ½ kgs on the bar which I only found out after the exercise which was five sets of 10 lifts.  17.5kg weights on bar The last 10 were the hardest but Anna was right beside me, telling me to work through it with breathing correctly.   And for sure having the right pattern of breathing was the only way that was going to be accomplished!

We then moved onto lunges my favourite not where I had 4kg weights in either hand. lungesSo, the first exercise of the set of 4 was lunging on the left leg 20 times and then alternating to lunge on the right 20 times.  A quick shake of the legs but No real rest and then left leg lunge and pulse for 12 and then straight onto the right leg.   Let me tell you it may sound easy but the lacto acid build up and the intense exercise almost killed me.  And I was extremely grateful of the 1 minute walkout on the treadmill in between the set and at the end.

walking out the legs on the treadmillThen, we moved onto boxing where it was a four minute routine of 4 different exercises.  We started with straight punches on the bag, left right back to centre.  Then, upper cuts to the pads which Anna had on and then kicks to the pads ensuring my toes were pointed.  

squat jump

And, then lastly finishing off with squat jumps which almost killed me as only a 10 second gap in between the exercises and 1 minute is intense.

Then it was time for the cool down and finish.   With my homework which was to ensure I did a lot of stretches to loosen up the lactic acid I built up in the legs.

Anna Keeble certainly does what she says on the tin ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ and I have to be enjoying it otherwise I wouldn’t be embarking on term three.

So, if you need that little push top ensure you body is toned for the summer then check out


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