Do you know what’s in your handbag?

This is a question that I was asked last week, when a girlfriend called me to say she had had her handbag stolen on the Kings Road while having lunch.  What a nightmare, my heart went out to her as, I know that I would be absolutely mortified if it happened to me.

So, she asked me if I could list all the contents of my handbag?   Fortunately, I don’t carry my life in my bag was my first thought, however when I did take a good look, I was shocked at the amount of ‘rubbish’.

So, you may wonder why I am writing a blog on this subject as a result. 

Well, it got me thinking, how many of us really know what is in our handbags, especially in pockets and at the bottom in a corner?   

So, I asked a few colleagues if they could too, and I was surprised to hear how many people didn’t have any idea.   And, more importantly, did anyone know the value of their handbag contents, as I know a lot of ladies carry a cosmetic bag, bottle of perfume and lets face it that isn’t cheap. 

However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a couple were extremely organized and had photographs or back ups, such as:

  1. A photograph of all their cards in their wallets.
  2. An excel spreadsheet of all their cards, right down to the Costa point card and Nectar Card.
  3. They don’t carry their filofax with their handbag as, either their phone acts as diary or, they have details on a piece of paper.

So, if nothing else, my tip to all my friends and colleagues who are reading my blogs, be safe when out with your handbag.   And, invest in a handbag clip, then when you are out you can attach your bag to the table.

handbag clip for bag safety to attach to a table. 

 And, another tip is try not to carry your life in your bag as it must play havoc with your arm and your posture!

This weekend, I shall be ensuring my outlook diary links up with my filofax as, I’d be lost with out that.   And, I am going to ensure my entire phone numbers are backed up on my phone which I have to confess is an antique so, hopefully not something someone would want.

As we are about to head into summer, not that you’d think that at the moment but, as you sit outside a café think about the safety of your bag, as it only takes a few seconds.


ladies outside a cafe with handbags and shopping

 So, in signing off my words of wisdom to you all are ‘Be savvy, buy a handbag clip and keep your handbag safe’.


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1 Response to Do you know what’s in your handbag?

  1. Lloyd says:

    “So, she asked me if I could list all the contents of my handbag? …however when I did take a good look, I was shocked at the amount of ‘rubbish’.”

    Que for all men to raise their eyebrows and tilt their heads slightly with that “who knew?” look on their faces….

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