Funeral Planning is about creating a memory of their life

SJD Events never intended to get involved with funeral planning but, I suppose it is an event, as a funeral is a ‘celebration’ of the life of the individual and a time to rejoice their life.

This is a wonderful quote ‘Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal’.

Since, planning my own fathers funeral over 10 years ago, I realised emotions were running very high and family members had different ideas so, I went into professional mode and started to create an event by pulling it all together, enabling us all to grieve and be part of the celebration.

Since, starting SJD Events I have probably been involved with five or six funerals from finding a venue for the wake, putting up marquees in gardens, organizing a PA system and screen for the overflow at church, organising the catering, recommending a florist, to organizing entertainment and then more recently organizing favours.

A funeral is a celebration of someone’s life and therefore needs to have some fun and now coffins can reflect this as you see below from football to flowers.  

Rose Coffin  

Football themed coffin

Most of the time during the funeral planning process, though we are in a daze, almost like being on auto pilot or, at least that was my personal experience as it all seems so surreal.  So, I always say to my clients take time to plan the day and, try to stay focused as a family, and remember that people who are coming are their to support you and pay their respects.

Memories are key at this time and therefore I give my clients a ‘memory box’ so, that they can keep all the letters, the book of condolences, images you have created and anything related to the funeral together so in years to come it is all in one place.     I have to say, that I often visit the box from my father’s funeral and sit down and read what people wrote when I need some inspiration.

The reason, I am writing this blog today is that, firstly I have never found a way of promoting the service for SJD Events but, yesterday at the funeral of someone (Maggie Pullen MBE), who was a true inspiration to me, introducing me to politics gave me the inspiration to write this.

So, I just wanted to share with you, the ‘last words’ from the funeral, as it reflects what a funeral is about, a celebration, written by Annette von Dross-Huelshoff (1757-1848).

My Loved ones, when my spirit has departed,

Shed no tear for me,

For, where I now dwell, there is peace

And the light of eternal day.


Where all earthly pain has disappeared,

Your image will be with me still,

And I shall beg for soothing

Of your sorrow and grief.


When, each night, peace wafts its seraph’s winds

Over the earthly domain,

Do not think any more of my earthly resting place,

For it’s from the stars that I greet you now.

And, just remember that there are professionals out their to assist you during this time of sadness and that many of the Funeral Houses have a wealth of experience to offer as well.   So, if in doubt ask a professional and someone I can highly recommend, is Howard Chadwick in Crowmarsh Gifford.




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