Term two ‘Boot Camp’ ends with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose

It was the last session of term two today and, since I started I always said it was ‘no pain no gain’ and once again have signed up without thinking about it for term three.   However, I would just like to clarify that when, I have been saying that I have had no niggles after my last few sessions, what I am referring to is that I can carry my shopping without pain and that I don’t need to be wrenched out of my chair.     This morning, I walked back from Anna’s studio on the Fulham Road and boy did my bum let me know it had done some serious work and, the flights of stairs to my flat were certainly a challenge!

So, it was a case of food is fuel and a hot shower and now I am sat at the computer embarking on my day.

Today’s session, I was early for in fact 20 minutes but was happy to sit and read the paper as I didn’t fancy an extended session and you would have thought I had learnt my lesson but it was fine.

We started off the session with the usual warm up which included a 7 minute walk on the treadmill to ensure my heart rate was up, and I was warm and ready for the ‘no pain no gain’.

To my horror, not a slight increase but 100% increase in the bum crunches but fortunately I was able to have a quick hug of the knees after each 50 and boy did my bum burn after 200.   I can’t find an image of this exercise but the technical term for the exercise is Supine hip extension’ so, I am hoping that makes it sound hard!

Then, it was straight into a routine with three repetitions and an increase in the weights.  Dead lift of weight from floor to thighs standing upright This was the straight dead lifts with the bar ensuring that the knees are soft and that the power is the core and heels and thrusting the hips forward.  Not, bouncing in the knees to give the power which slipped in towards the end.   Last week, it was 25 repetitions however this time we had 15 the first time and then 20 for the last two sessions.

Then, it was a nice stretch over the Swiss Ball. Swiss ball stretch  

Now, onto boxing with the punch bag which I have to get used to as it is slightly harder when you punch but I am assured it is working more of the muscles which at the end of the day are what I am looking to achieve so that I am toning.   It is also a great stress release however the lady below if it was me would be grey haired!

Stressed woman and boxing gloves

So, in sets of 3 of one minutes per exercise with a 10 second break in between the exercise and then a 2 minute sit down after the full set, it was full speed ahead.   The first set was the left, right and back to centre over the minute, then we went into squats and jump up and then straight back down to the squat and jump up and, boy by 40 seconds it was burning and the last 4 or 5 seconds my legs were jelly.  General boxing And, then finally finishing off with straight punches ensuring the core was engaged and using the hip rotation for gaining a powerful punch and then it was the last 12 seconds to go mad which was all about breathing and focus as ready to drop.  

We then, went into cool down and stretching out muscles which had been working overtime.

My home work for the next 10 days, is using the foam roller to do peck stretches Foam roller peck stretchand whereas the image I have found is 80% right, your arms don’t touch the ground and your palms/wrists are just lowered to give you more intensity.   And, then exercises using a tennis ball, yes a mere tennis ball can give you a massage work out, as it get’s into the groves of your body.  So, for me it is all around the upper back and pecks ensuring I keep the chest open.

In case you haven’t grasped, I love my sessions with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose as she does exactly what it says on the tin and, I have achieved my goals that I have set so thank you.

For more information on Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose visit www.getfitforpurpose.co.uk and do sign up to the newsletters as they have some great tips.

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