Session nine of term two Boot Camp with Anna Keeble

typical British weather

The weather is certainly not encouraging when it comes to exercise, one minute the sun shines and a lovely blue sky so people are smiling.  And, then within a few minutes the sky is dark grey and the heavens open and everyone is miserable as they caught out.  Sometimes the outbursts are heavy rain and other times hail stones and thunder and then within a few minutes bright sky but in the last two days I think we have all been caught out at least once.   And, I am now being typically British and writing about the weather!

Once again, I am proud to report that no niggles after last weeks session, which I am convinced was aided by the fact I was helping a friend move house so, no chance for any of the muscles to relax.

However, let’s see how I am feeling tomorrow, as every week is different and the tempo is certainly hoting up as I am told I am getting fitter.

When, I started back in September for me my goal was all related to posture and with the assistance of Dr Luther Moss that was achieved and, I am proud to report I am still on track with this.

However, now my goal is to tone my body and ensure that I keep a healthy physic as the older one gets, the harder is to maintain or, at least that is what I tell myself so, with no pain I will have no gain.

So, what happened today at my session at Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose at her studio on the Fulham Road?   We started with a good warm up which takes about 10 minutes to ensure my body is warmed up and the heart rate is right.   When, I used to go to the gym this was something that I overlooked and a lot of people forget to warm up and cool down and, to be honest it’s the most important part.   Because I know if I didn’t I am sure I would suffer more so take note it is very important.

Once I had carried out the 100 bum crunches on the floor and my bum was burning as a result it was straight into weights.  I would love to be able to find an image of this exercise as some of you may think it is easy!

We started with the dead lift  Dead Lift with the weights and bar~ just lifting the bar from the floor with knees soft and standing up straight with the bar level with waist, the aim to use ones core and thrusting the hips forward.    For the first set, was 20 lifts and then the two remaining sets we increased to 25 as, I seemed to make it look too easy.   Next week, I am assured that we will be increasing the weight again and reducing the repetitions so, I will be monitoring this!    But, it is all about the technique and pushing my body as we start to work the muscles and I achieve my goal of toning.  At the end it was a nice long stretch over the Swiss ball.

The second exercise was the squats with the bar behind my head where my bottom has to touch the bench and then I push up from the heels.     For this exercise another weight was added and I had to three sets of 20 repetitions and I certainly felt it in the last set when I hit 15.    In between these sets my favourite (not)  a 1 minute run uphill on the treadmill and you may think this is easy but Anna has added a higher speed and I also noticed it was 1 minute 20 seconds on the first burst.  

After the weights we went onto Boxing and using the punch bag rather which I have to say is a lot harder or at least one really has to concentrate on the actions and follow through.    The first exercise of three one minute bursts with a 10 second changeover was two straight punches (left, right) and then back to centre and repeating for a full minute keeping up a momentum ensuring one turns the body accordingly and that the punch in using the middle of the hand i.e. between knuckles and bend in fingers.    Then, it was onto an exercise using the Bosu, where I had to jump on the Bosu get my balance, do a squat and then jump off and then repeat for a full minute and let me tell you if was tough and the last couple I managed to jump on and go straight off the other side as the legs and core got the complete wobbles which I was pleased to say was a sign of exhaustion.    straight punching on training bagAnd, then lastly it was back to the punch bag and straight punches (left, right) and the last 12 seconds upper the speed and really going for it.  My right hook is certainly where the power is!    We then had a short breather and then just general straight punches on the left and then the right times 25 repetitions to get the technique right.

And, then it was time to cool down with the all important stretches for the legs, and the arms.

The homework is once again ensuring I stretch and keep the chest open.

After my session with Anna of Get Fit for Purpose I went and saw Dr Luther for my monthly check up and was really pleased to hear that my posture is still improving and that the little tips I have picked up are paying off.  So, from my Bosu cushion at the computer ensuring I am sitting correctly, to ensuring when I walk I keep my head up and shoulders down, that I sleep on my back and that when I am relaxing on the sofa I stay straight and not flopped over an arm.    Visiting a chiropractor such as Dr Luther at ML Chiropractic is part of your health MOT.   We go to the dentist for our teeth, the doctor for our health checks, take our cars for an annual MOT so, a trip to Dr Luther for your spine’s MOT is a must.

So, if you need a spine MOT checks out the website at .   

And, if you need help to get fit and get the body you want for the summer or a special occasion then you need to call Anna Keeble


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