Boot Camp on Friday 13th with Anna at Get Fit For Purpose

I don’t believe in the myths associated with Friday 13th but, this morning the tubes (District Line) were playing up so, not a great start to the day.

Anyway, I was really chuffed after the last session as, I hadn’t been stiff at all which, I put down to the fact I walked home from the studio on the Fulham Road (40 minutes) and then later went for a walk around the parameter of Hyde Park(+/- 5 miles).    However, after today, I can’t say that will be the same as I missed a week due to another chest infection.

So, what was in store for me with Anna Keeble on Friday 13th, certainly no mercy, but I have to say she had words of encouragement and said I’d had a good session which is what I like to hear with my motto of ‘no pain no gain’.

We started with the normal warm up exercises with an additional few minutes on the treadmill to ensure that I was well and truly warmed up.

Then, onto the mat for the ‘bum crunches’ and that all important action to ensure your bum is burning by 20, knowing that we only had another 80 to go.  Yes, 100 bum crunches without a break.

Weights were the main element of the day and if Anna didn’t think I noticed I did, the weights had been increased as I know that the 5kg is green and then their was another.

Firstly, it was about the technique of just lifting the weight bar to my waist and down, ensuring the knees are soft and that you thrust the hips forward, keeping the tummy button engaged and the chest lifted.  For my male friends who read this, no funny comments because it’s all about technique.   I had to do three sessions of 15 reputations with a stretch over the Swiss ball in between.


Secondly, it was onto the new bench for the weights above my head and this was 5kg, which for some of you may seem light but again it’s the technique.  So, my body was aligned correctly on the bench before I started, ensuring my lower back was pushed into the bench and then it was just going to be the breathing which would enable this exercise.   I embarked on my three sessions of 20 reputations and let me tell you the final set was tough and I confess to taking a rest at 12 reputations and then at 18 but, just to have an additional breathe and boy when you breathe correctly you can get power!   In between the reputations I just flopped my arms down and stretched out the pecks to ensure that I was not going to be suffering too much for the weekend.


Thirdly, with the bar and the 5kg weights resting on my shoulders it was onto squats.   But, using the bench as a measure of the depth of the squat so, that my bum just touched the bench and straight up using the core and ensuring that the knees were facing out rather than in.  For this session it was two sets of 20 repetitions.


Then lastly, it was rowing but with a difference.  So, to start I have to balance on the upturned Bosu ensuring my feet are facing forward and unfortunately the first time I was too far forward so, as I was given the ties to pull, I almost flew forward.  But, core engaged, I embarked on my 12 reputations for session one.  Then, when it came to the second set, I positioned myself in the centre and it was easier and then it was important to keep shoulders relaxed and when pulling back engaging with the shoulder blades and opening them up.


Following, this we had two sessions of 1 minute spurts on the treadmill running uphill not my favourite by any means but then a gentle walk for a couple of minutes so that my legs wouldn’t be too tight in the morning.

Then, finishing off with cool down exercises and homework for this week is to work on keeping the chest open and stretching the pecks.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately this weekend I have volunteered to help a friend move so, watch this space will this additional work on my arms help or hinder ….

So, if you want a helping hand to getting fit, getting into shape for an occasion or, just need a kick start, then look no further Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose is your lady.

My investment in Anna since September last year has given me additional energy, a better posture, a better understand of a diet and working to my goals of looking like a goddess! (No laughs)

For more details visit Or, if you are in the Fulham Road pop into the studio at ML Chiropractic.

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