Business Biscotti update from Regional Ambassador for London

Business Biscotti is growing and that is all thanks to the vision and dedication of Mr and Mrs Biscotti, known as Graham and Sue Reeves.

I have known about Business Biscotti for over four and a half years, having attended the first group which was set up at the Herb Farm in Sonning, and now there are 92 groups in 31 counties and more opening.

Just over a year ago, I (SJD Events) took the plunge and launched the first group in London in Mayfair and it is amazing if I say so myself, as the support of the Biscottiers has been great with over forty attendees regularly.   I then decided to take on the role as Regional Ambassador for Central London which saw St Paul’s open last October and see’s Gloucester Road opening later this month.

I also decided at the end of last year to offer ‘taster’ workshops to the Biscottiers after the Business Biscotti Mayfair meeting and these have been well received and we have a programme running.

Business Biscotti is a free networking community where in 2011 over 22,000 visited a Business Biscotti event.   It receives about 2 million hits a month of which +/- 33,000 are unique visitors.     The website must be working as the average time spent on site is 9 minutes per visit and the average pages viewed is more than seven.

Coming up later this month, the website will be upgraded making it quicker, simpler to navigate, bigger and better so, please ensure you have a profile online and that you are active.     By being a Biscottier on Business Biscotti you can enjoy some of the exciting new benefits which will be made available in the forthcoming months.

If you have not visited a Business Biscotti meeting then you are missing out, as we create the environment conducive to networking and I have personally seen a lot of business take place in Mayfair as relationships are built and trust is gained.

Dates for the diary for April in Central London:

  • Business Biscotti St Paul’s is on Thursday 5th April
  • LAUNCH Business Biscotti Gloucester Road is on Wednesday 11th April
  • Business Biscotti Mayfair  is on Tuesday 17th April

I look forward to welcome fellow Biscottier’s to the London meetings.


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Owner of SJP Consultancy, specialising in offering, flexible services for all types of events, including fundraising projects in the charity sector.
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