Session 5, Term 2 – Get Fit for Purpose with Anna Keeble

So, session five of term two with Anna Keeble at her Fulham Road studio.  I have to confess that the niggles after a session are certainly short lived or, now even none existent which is great as it means I am getting fitter.   However, my motto still stands at ‘no pain, no gain’ as that I certainly do feel in a session!

My objective was to work on my posture initially and this has certainly changed for the better, so now we work on the healthy lifestyle balance.

We started with the normal warm up exercises to get the heart rate up and to ensure my body is warm which it certainly was.    We started with the 40 bum crunches as I call them and I am finally getting the hang of it so it works on the area that Anna wants it to, hooray I say to myself.   

Then, a new one which I am not sure I really mastered as the aim was to achieve 10 on either legs however I only managed 8 of these.  Sitting on the bench with one leg off the ground using my core and other leg strength, I had to stand up straight and it wasn’t easy as my tendency was to put the other foot down but I had a close eye on me with Anna and then I even confessed to one when her back was turned.

Then, it was into the circuits and when I write this blog it may seem easy but let me tell you it is not for the faint hearted.    The difference of going to the gym and doing a circuit and then doing it during an intense full hour one to one session is tough.  

So, we started with four exercises, doing 40 seconds of each and three repetitions.   We started with running up hill on the treadmill which was slightly easier this week as I didn’t slide off the back as I held on. 

Then it was ‘Irish Dancing’ with a difference, as it was heel taps alternating with crossing the hands with your arms shoulder level.  Then to jumping to either side and pretending you are using a skipping rope with your arms – that was a really interesting exercise in more ways as one, thank goodness no video camera.  And, then finally finishing off squats and then kicking alternate legs.

Then, I was able to walk it out for a minute, and then straight into another circuit but this time 30 seconds of each of the four exercises but three repetitions again.   We started with upper cuts with the boxing gloves ensuring I was squatting and engaging the core. Then, onto the step where it was jumping on and off with two feet, again sounds easy but when you are doing a circuit with 10 seconds between them your legs feel it.   Then, it was sit ups on the mat and boxing but then the second and third repetition went to the plank and I was impressed as I managed the 30 seconds and on my toes as the image below.  And, then we finished off with squats on the upturned Bosu, the first was standing and balancing with the flat side down but I found that too easy so it was turned over for the last two repetitions and the lower legs were like jelly but I managed it, another video camera moment not.

We then moved to the step with a mat on it where I lay on the step and lifting the legs up straight or in my case about 60% straight, ensuring the lower back is engaged on the step I lowered the legs and then as I came back up lifted my bum (small jump) and managed three repetitions of five.

Then, it was the cool down exercises and the hour was almost over.

My homework for the week is to loosen up the middle back and the shoulders where I have a small niggle.  Oh, and keep a food diary.

Anna Keeble is a true professional and really knows when to give you a small amount of praise and also when to shout or, at least point out when one is slacking and still has 5 seconds to go!    Note to myself don’t start off the first repetition as speedily as it sets the pace.

So, if you want some great tips to creating the happy balance of a healthy life style then you need to sign up for the Get Fit for Purpose newsletter which is great.   For full details visit

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