PanicGuard is a must App for everyone’s phone

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Dissing the founder of PanicGuard at a networking event and I really believe that what she has created with her husband is truly amazing and unique.   

So, hence this blog so that I can shout it from the roof tops in the hope that you will all look at the attached document and share this information with friends and family.

So what is it, I hear you say?

Well, in short PanicGuard  is a personal safety app for iPhone and Android phones, and it is the world’s first mobile application to be awarded with the official police accreditation (Secured by Design).

PanicGuard  enables your phone to act as an advanced personal alarm device, alerting anyone around you to the danger you are in and instantly letting your emergency contacts (friends or family of your choosing) know exactly where you are.

PanicGuard  tracks you in real-time, gathers video evidence and uploads it in real-time to your emergency contacts, helping them to accurately identify and locate your attacker. The emergency contacts can then, if the situation requires it, call the police with an accurate description of the attacker and an exact location and time of the attack.

What I really liked was that Elizabeth explained, that you could be in a meeting for instance and not sure of the surroundings so you can set up the alarm on the phone and then all you would need to do is shake it to activate so, for me it certainly would offer ‘peace of mind’.   Though, I did have a small chuckle to myself as I thought about of a scenario where I may be in a field, in the middle of nowhere after a job at 3am and have to activate it, only to find that my concern was in fact a fox.   You may laugh, but when it’s dark after you turn off a generator and only have your car head lights anything makes you jump and last year it was Mr Fox who almost made me have a heart attack.

Anyway, the next question I am sure you want to know.   

Is how do you get hold of PanicGuard?

Firstly, go to and register.  The PanicGuard service is not expensive, from £3.99 a month, but can you really put a price on your safety or a loved one?    PanicGuard on your phone gives you full access to all the services such as real-time tracking, real-time video and unlimited usage. Once you have completed the registration, go to your app store and download the app using the details you registered with.

Here is a link to the PanicGuard video which gives you a brief description of how the App works on their really informative website.

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