Becoming a Décor Diva

Decor Diva, Nadya Sawney of Decor Diva Interiors

My dear friend, Nadya Sawney is just that, she is Décor Diva and acclaimed interior designer based in the Home Counties.   Check out her website at

Back in January, she did a great interview with The Art Curator, and I have just taken some of it below to give you a taster of who and what Nadya Sawney of Décor Diva stands for.

Could you give us a brief outline of the background of your business and what services you offer?

My creative talents and my ability to translate a client’s visual desires are the backbone to my business. I offer the usual services supplied by an interior designer… but my forte is my ability to ‘see’ paint colour on walls before it is applied. This gives me the confidence to advise and consequently inspire my clients about paint colour choices. I firmly believe that transformation of rooms absolutely can be achieved simply by having the ‘right’ paint colour on your walls; likewise get it wrong and no amount of fabulous furniture, window dressings or accessories will look good.

What I love about Nadya and have heard from her clients, is that she listens and looks at all the elements from life style to family to work to create the right look and feel.

How would you describe the kind of work you do?

The work I do is translating a client’s visual desires into an interior reality that feels and looks comfortable, harmonious and inspirational. I call that ‘Luxury with Imagination’.

Has working in the music and television had an impact on the style of your work?

Absolutely. When I first worked for a rock star in the 70′s I was based at his Manor house in Gloucestershire. I was used to such homes being decorated in quite traditional ways but his home not only had that style but also influences from Morocco and America. The look and feel of that house along with the interior of Blakes Hotel in London certainly had a very positive and lasting effect on my creative outlook towards home interiors. I spent time staying at the hotel in the mid seventies and the interior designed by Anouska Hempel was totally fabulous and unique.She was also designing amazing interiors back then and using certain colours on walls way before any other designer took those kind of leaps. And it all worked to perfection. Her work is so inspirational.

We all have a past career which I am a strong believer makes us stand out in the crowd as we all need a personal USP.   Nadya of Décor Diva is amazing and this is reflected in the way she works as she is a true professional and inspiration.

Who would you like to work with if you could?

Ralph Lauren or Anouska Hempel. Both of whom are designers of distinction, class and style. I simply adore their interiors and garner tremendous inspiration from each of them.

And lastly this goes without saying, hiring a professional may come at cost but the expertise and experience is worth ever penny.   Also, they have contacts in the industry and so with this comes negotiating skills.    They also give you peace of mind so you can enjoy the project knowing you are in safe capable hands such as Nadya of Décor Diva Interiors.

What are the advantages of hiring an Interior Designer?

Getting ‘it’ right. How many times have I seen as a friend (let alone as a designer) homes that have been vandalised with bad design choices. I once went to a house whose owner was very proud of how she had ‘matched’ her kitchen floor tiles to her pine orange cupboards. Visually it looked as though a whole load of pumpkins had exploded in that room. It could have all looked so different. Individually nothing was wrong with the tiles or the cupboards but together their colours just did not work. That is where an interior designer can save the day and together with the client create a fantastic kitchen or what ever room it happens to be.

Can you give us 5-10 reasons why someone should hire an Interior Designer if they are thinking about giving their house a makeover?

As above is one reason! As above is a second, third, fourth reason.. and so on! Most people think that hiring an interior designer is very expensive without actually knowing what costs are involved. I have saved my clients a lot of money especially with paint colour choices and also through guidance to the right product or furniture item.They experience getting it right the ‘first time’ instead of ‘eventually’ through trial and error, the client ends up saving money and time and more importantly – enjoying the process. No one is going to love their new interiors if the journey was full of stress and costly mistakes.

To view the full interview click on the following link

And, for more details on Décor Diva Interiors and Nadya Sawney visit





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