‘No Pain No Gain’ is back on with Anna Keeble – session 4, term 2.

As I arrived this morning at the Studio in Fulham Road, Anna’s first words were ‘we are still going to take it easy’ well, if that was still taking it easy I dread to think what I have coming up!

We started with the usual warm up including 6 minutes on the treadmill to get the heart rate up.   We then went into 40 bum curls which I am getting the hang of now, however just need to remember at all times to press the lower back into the floor so that it really works the abs.

Then, the circuits began!  We started with ‘legs’ and it was to be 30 seconds of each exercise with a 10 second break and, a one minute rest with three sessions in total.  The comment afterwards was 30 seconds was not enough so note to self don’t make it look easy!    So, the circuit started with a run up hill on the treadmill and it was quite fast as I gripped on tightly in case I whizzed off the back,

The treadmill experience ...

followed by heal taps coordinating hand crosses at the same time (coordination needs to be worked on!), then onto squats against the bench followed by standing up tall engaging with my core and kicking one leg (I believe that this may have been good practise for the boxing), then to the Bosu for mountain climbs.   Whatever do I mean by this I hear you say, well with the Bosu on the floor, putting pressure on each side with legs back, you bring in each foot half way and back as, if you are climbing up a wall, maybe you’d have to see that to understand!  And, then my favourite from last week, jumping onto the step with two feet which I mastered only to have the step height increased and then the legs went to jelly on round three.

Then, it was onto the ‘arms’ and another circuit of three exercises though no timings it was more about repetitions and fortunately the targets on Anna’s sheet were what I achieved.    So, we started with press ups which have never been a favourite of mine but when you know the technique remembering to keep the hips up and only lowering your arms and hips so level then its a lot easier. 

The perfect press up which I am working too.

Then, it was onto the bench where it was more squats but concentrating on working my triceps which was a killer.  I had to squat down with arms close behind my back ensuring my back brushed down the bench and keep the elbows in which unfortunately naturally they wish to go out.  Then, finishing off with the 4kg bicep curls.

Lastly, it was the ‘abs’ (core) and unfortunately in the three weeks I missed this is where I have suffered so, homework needs to recommence to get that core working for me.  So, lying on the mat with legs straight up (well mine are bent but working to going straight) with core engaged and lower back in the mat, I had to  lower one leg at a time and then swap ensuring I didn’t disengage the lower back.  It might sound easy but need to tune into my body as my shoulders raised and my neck was engaging which is not the right technique.  Then, we tried and tried is what it was, to do small bum jumps i.e. with knees bent lifting the bum off the mat without the rest of the body so, really getting in tune with the core and abs, to say this was hard was an understatement and this will take time for sure but I tried as my motto states ‘no pain no gain’.

Then, it was cool down and the stretching so that tomorrow I won’t be feeling any niggles.

Another, great session with Anna as she really knows when to push you and, also when to give you words of encouragement.

Honestly, if you need a gentle nudge back into fitness forget joining the gym and trying it yourself sign up for a series of sessions and get back on track with ‘Get Fit for Purpose’.


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