Boot Camp is back on track with Anna Keeble …

Having missed 3 weeks, I was a little apprehensive as I had got so far with my personal training sessions with Anna Keeble (Get Fit for Purpose) however a bought of the flu bug completely set me back.

So, today I was back in the Anna’s studio in Fulham Road and feel better already for having had a session even though I admit it was an easy session.    I thought I may have gone back to week one which would have been scary as after the hard work (over 15 weeks) I was just starting to reap the benefits of not being stiff or suffering after a session and reaching my initial goal.

Today was a good way to get back on track and I still kept to my motto ‘no pain, no gain’.

It was a gentle workout and I certainly warmed up quicker than normal and luckily I hadn’t forgotten how to do the exercises.  

So, we started off with the good old bum crunches on the mat where we did a set of 40.   Then, it was my favourite the ‘Dead Angel’ against the wall where you have to lean up against the wall and raise the bent leg up towards the wall, this is a one for the bottom.  Then after a short walk on the tread mill it was into a circuit however it was 20 seconds bursts of four exercises but repeated three times.  So, we started with the medicine ball and squat against the bench press, then onto squat jumps, to the Bosu where you stretch out and then jump in and up ensuring the hips are raised and then finished off with the challenge which was jumping with two feet on and off a step.   Now, that may seem very easy but sometimes the brain doesn’t always believe in itself with regards to balance so most concentration was required for this exercise.    Then, it was back onto the treadmill to walk it out which Anna calls my time out!   Then, we went into boxing where I only had to go up to 10 reputations of punches, knees and kicks (toe pointed of course) on either side.   And, then we finished off with a series of exercises on the foam roller to relax the muscles which it certainly did and the all important stretches to cool down.

All, in all it was the perfect way to start to get back on track and I look forward to next week, as Anna knew exactly when to push me.      

I then went and had a session with Dr Luther Moss for Chiropractic and was concerned my posture would have also suffered but was surprised to hear that actually it hadn’t.

So, if you need a kick-start to getting fit, then Anna Keeble of Get Fit For Purpose is the perfect professional to do this and, here is her website

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