Week Two, Term Two ~ Anna Keeble certainly is putting me through my paces

When you receive an email an hour after the session saying ‘sorry for being mean!!!’ then you know that Anna Keeble is either impressed that I managed to keep up the pace or, she wasn’t impressed and that her being mean is punishment.   I am going to take the comment as the first but note to myself, don’t forget the stretches tonight otherwise the bum and calves might be coming back to haunt me like last Saturday morning.

So, today’s session Anna was shocked I was not early, I was in fact early just standing outside on the phone but not on purpose I had a mini crisis to resolve for work.

So, we started with the usual warm up of neck rolls, etc only for me to find out that the treadmill for a 2 minute uphill walk was not to be as it was having a power surge.  So, instead I had my favourites, Star jumps.  So, off we went with 40 seconds of star jumps followed immediately with 40 seconds of knees up which we repeated twice by which time my legs were shaking like jelly, and I was grateful for the 2 minute walk out on the treadmill which had been turned on and off and was working again.

From here it was into the bum crunches on the mat x 50 followed by the ‘dead angel’ the exercise against the wall, where I have to flatten my body against the wall and then raise the alternate leg up pushing back towards the wall.  It is getting slightly easier but I still feel the pain.

Then, it was into Anna’s ‘killer zone’ part where I embarked on 40 second sessions of six exercises followed by a two minute walk out and water break back into a repeat session of the same again so not for the faint hearted!  So, what was in the ‘killer zone’ this week?   Firstly, it was squats against the bench with a medicine ball, followed by squat jumps, followed by the Bosu exercise and then into the lunges.  Starting with straight forward lunges on alternate legs, to backward lunges with the straight kick and then finishing off with a lunge and then jump onto the other leg.   I was impressed with myself for the final exercise in the sessions as the first time I managed to beat last weeks 6 to 7 and in the second session managed 8.

We then went into Boxing and it was a series of 2/4/6/8/10/12 straight punches, followed by knees to pad finished off with the toe kicks to pad.  So, we did the right side and then the left where you need to lean back for the knee to pad and especially with the toe kicks.

I then confess I did look at the clock and saw only 10 minutes to go but know that Anna can pack in a lot to 10 minutes, though it’s amazing how quickly the time goes as I get so engrossed in what I am doing.

We then went to dead bugs on the mat engaging the core and then one at a time straightening the leg and back and alternating where we did 4 x sets of 5.   Then, into the exercise where I hold onto Anna’s angles and with my legs straightish it’s the pendulum style exercise where I should bounce back using my core rather than arms.   Then, I finished off with my sit ups on the Bosu ensuring my arms are tucked behind my ears otherwise I end up having to do more as I don’t come up straight and this was 4 sets of 5.

Then it was cool down and added to open out the pecks I lay on the foam roller and really opened the pecks and then we went into the usual stretches and breathing and where had the hour gone!

I then handed over my ‘food planner’ which I had been keeping last week and confessed it was not a great week as I’d missed meals and one day had three latte’s and a banana from 8am to 3pm.  I know it is not good to miss / skip meals as it makes the body go into some kind of shock and use natural body fats which is not healthy.   So, from now on I need to ensure small amounts of anything, is better than long periods of nothing.  

Thank you Anna once again your ‘Get Fit for Purpose’ company name has worked its magic and my motto of ‘no pain no gain’ continues.

Anyone, looking for a way to kick start fitness to get healthy, you really should go to Anna as she offers an amazing consultation where you identify your goals and she makes them realistic.

www.getfitforpurpose.co.uk or www.annakeeble.co.uk

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