‘No Pain No Gain’ rang out in Fulham earlier for at my session with Anna Keeble

Anna Keeble

Today was the bonus session of my first ten with Anna Keeble of Get Fit for Purpose and boy did she put me through my paces.  As, my motto ‘no pain no gain’ went through my head I really wanted to cry out ‘please can I stop’ but I kept on going.

I can hardly believe that was the end of the first pre-booked sessions and I have signed up for another ten so it can’t all be bad.     What I have learnt over the past weeks is, that it is all about getting the technique right first, then working on different repetitions to strengthening the core, abs and opening out the chest and shoulders so that over the time the repetitions are reduced but the intensity increased.   

In the past I had been a fan of the gym but now that I have had one to one session never again as a one to one hour may feel like five hours in a gym but it works.  

So, if you need that kick start back into fitness, want help with your posture, maybe you are working to a goal like getting married and want to look hot or, you have just had a baby and can’t shift those extra pounds then you need to book a session with the acclaimed personal trainer Anna Keeble.

Anna has also taught me how to eat well and have a balanced diet.  Starting with the importance of breakfast which should be eaten with half an hour, to an hour of getting up, as this gives you the energy for the day.    Also, the discipline of doing homework exercises however, I have to confess that doesn’t always happen religiously but something for at least 20 minutes a day is better than nothing.

Dr Luther Moss of ML Chiropractic in Fulham

She also introduced me to Dr Luther Moss who is a chiropractor and he has also been a life saver.   As, I embarked on my journey with Anna to improve my posture with the exercises and reviewing my diet and then working alongside Dr Luther, I feel as if I am on track.   Bad posture for 41 years will not be cured in 10 sessions, it will take a lot more time but being aware of what is good and bad is a start.   Already, I have my Swiss ball cushion for the computer and a timer so after 40 minutes I have to get up and stretch.    I am also a lot more aware of not sitting badly watching TV or just generally.   I also try to walk tall with my chest lifted and head up.  In fact, I am less likely to trip over with my head up than looking down so, if you always walk with your head down try walking tall and you feel energised.

Anyway, enough on the pro’s of visiting my two new best friends Dr Luther and Anna Keeble.

My last session today with Anna for block one was a mix of all the exercises I had learnt over the past three months but it would seem slightly more intense.   Anna can always tell then I start to feel pain as I stop talking so, note to myself keep conversation for the first five minutes!

Today we did the normal warm up exercises and then went into different repetitions.   Firstly, it was weights so we needed to wake up the gluts and started with what I call the bum crunches x 40, followed by the bar with weights and the kettle balls.  

Kettle Ball swing

We then moved onto sets of lunges with a 3kg weight followed by squats against the wall with the Swiss ball and 5kg weight and then finished off with lunge jumps (think star jumps but lunges and jumping up to swap legs) this was very amusing and coordination went out the window!   Then, it would be onto the tread mill to walk out the lacto acid that was building up as I started to loose all feeling in my legs.  

Then, we went in boxing and after a warm up of straight punches to get rid of any aggression for a minute though as I said to Anna I could have just done an hour of that.  Anyway not to be, and we went into two sets on either leg of 12 (2/4/6/8/10/12) of straight punches, knees to pad and then full kicks ensuring to point the toe and let me tell you by the last set of 12 on the left hand side I was ready to drop.

Then, we went into easier exercises as in I was lying down on the mat and we did sets for my core and abs.  So, firstly lying on my back with the knees bent and straightening the legs alternatively ensuring my shoulders and lower back were firmly on the mat (assisted by Anna at times) and using my core to engage.  Then, the legs straight and a scissor like action which was hard as my legs were hardly straight but with time I am told they will strengthen and straighten.  And, then lastly holding onto Anna’s ankles the pendulum exercise, where she pushes my legs down and using my core I pull them up.

I thought that was to be the end as I looked at the clock but no such luck it was to be planks which are not a favourite of mine, especially when Anna was counting up and down but impressed I managed a 37 second plank and side planks of 10 up and downs for either side.

Then, it was cool down and stretching out and I fear I might feel it in the morning.

Fortunately, though I had a session with Dr Luther straight afterwards and he used the massage machine on my legs so, hopefully with a few more stretches this evening before bed I will be fine.

Again, if you need a kick start to getting healthy and fit then you need to speak to ‘Get Fit for Purpose – Anna Keeble’.


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