A must read ‘Gabby’ A story of Courage and Hope

In December I attended the Editorial Intelligence Christmas Quiz where I can safely say my general knowledge of politics was shown up as very slim and as a result, I was part of the losing team with a mere 18 out of 40.

Anyway, it was here that a selection of books were given out as a Christmas gift and that I selected ‘Gabby’ the story of Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly as the heading ‘A story of Courage and Hope’ grabbed me.

The book is amazing and Gabby is a real inspiration to anyone who has had a head trauma as her determination, family support and work colleagues ensured she came out the other side.   Within a mere few months she was already defying the doctors and when you follow the story in the book you will as I did, find it hard to put it down.   I cried, I laughed and when I look back on it, it has put my life into perspective and for that I thank EI and ‘Gabby’ for that.

If you don’t know the story, it was a year ago today on 8th January 2011 that Congressman, Gabrielle Gifford while at a meeting in her constitution in Tuscan, Arizona that an attempted assignation was carried out and she was shot in the head.

Gabrielle Gifford and Mark Kelly celebrating a year on

Her husband Mark Kelly the acclaimed astronaut who carried out NASA’s final mission in ‘Endeavour’ in May 2011 just 4 months after the shooting shares his dilemma’s too.

Through the book their strong love for each other is shown as they tackled the unknown, it was a case of baby steps but ‘Courage’ and ‘Hope’ would be cure for tough months ahead.

In one part of the book the letter Mark wrote to Gabby should anything happen to him on his mission is printed.     This hit home as I recall about five years ago reading a similar letter with a friend from her husband in the Army who hadn’t been injured in fact it was their wedding day.     It is not a letter anyone would want to write let alone read and to share it showed they hope and courage.

Gabby’s choice of the song ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2 was perfect and after reading it, I downloaded it from iTunes and cried.   How she summed it up was perfect, it explained the song was about someone who has suffered great losses in life, yet finds joy in what he still has.

The courage she had to go to vote and the self belief she would be back as Congressmen was outstanding as she returned to work on the 1st August a mere six months after a life changing experience. 

I will read this book again as a true inspiration and I can’t recommend it enough.

The anniversary was marked by a visit and you can read the story here


‘Gabby’ by Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly – A Story of Courage and Hope – ISBN 978-1-84983-909-9




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