2012 kick start/reawakening fitness session with Anna Keeble

Note to myself as a New Year’s resolution a two week break isn’t good news when you are having intense fitness training as I was very apprehensive but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too tough, though I fear will know about it tomorrow!

I obviously forgot the note to myself from last year, never be early.  Today, I decided to walk from Fulham Broadway to get my heart rate up but arrived 10 minutes early and hoping to sit quietly unnoticed was spotted immediately however given a few minutes to defrost.

Anna was full of energy after the festive break and I fear for a week or so she will be putting me through my paces!

So, it was straight back into it, with the usual warm up exercises and then straight into the hard work and my ‘no pain no gain’ motto.

We were back into the sets of weights to strengthen the arms and open up the chest and back as key for my posture which is where I really need to concentrate.  The cold, wet and windy weather doesn’t help as the tendency is to hunch up the shoulders to keep warm, but how wrong.  You need to put more on a scarf and more clothes and ensure you walk tall with head up and chest lifted.

The kettle bells were back and after seeing the Worlds Strongest Man and what they were doing with them, it put me to shame with my mere weights.  But, as Anna says to me it is not all about the weight but the technique and Anna was pleased with that.  Then was onto triceps and bicep reputation exercises.  

Then, to sets of lunges with weights, squats with a Swiss ball against the wall and the weights, and then walking up hill with the weights on the treadmill.

Also, today we started working on my core and my abs and boy do they need some work and I also need to tell my brain that it is all natural and to relax my shoulders and neck when carrying out these exercises.    I think Anna wasn’t totally prepared for one of the exercises where she stood behind me and as I held on to her ankles with my legs in the air as she pushed my legs down I had to pull them up but the first time I almost pulled her straight over the top of me.   I automatically used my arms to bring my legs up which were not the exercise and when I realised it was the abs which needed to do the work it was amazing.  However, do not try this at home unless your anchor is completely centred.

We then warmed down and that was the session.   I can hardly believe that was my tenth session with Anna and I can not thank her enough as I can really see and feel the differences.    However, I am going to endeavour to take on another form of exercise such as Zumba which is something I have considered for ages so, I can ensure the flexibility in my body continues and more importantly I feel better in myself because lets face it exercise is a great source of stress release and giving you energy.

So, if you are feeling sluggish after the festive break and you over indulged and the thought of joining the gym which you know will be short lived then why not have a real kick start workout with Anna.  For full details visit www.annakeeble.co.uk as you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Remember ‘no pain no gain’.

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